25 Random Thoughts

This is taken from a page in Hannah’s book…I enjoyed her list over the weekend, and I’m feeling like my head is full of randomness today as well, so here goes.

25. I have an unhealthy relationship with bread and butter. Knowing is half the battle, right?

24. I love how Jack Henry says “Santa” and I ask him multiple times a day to say it. It sounds like “see-tah” and it’s so cute!

23. I am deeply disturbed by how quickly my three boys can eat an entire bag of Goldfish crackers. Like all in one sitting.

22. While it’s true that Jack Henry IS saying a lot more words, an unsettling number of them sound like curse words. They are words that I am certain he hasn’t heard (unless he was somehow able to time-travel back to my potty mouth days), but they sound bad nonetheless. And I crack up like a 12-year-old boy when I hear them. That’s probably the problem.

21. If you’re having a baby boy and want him to grow up to be a football player, name him something like Colt McCoy. This is all I know about him, because I don’t follow college football that closely (yet I’ve still heard his name multiple times this season): 1. He is a boy. 2. He plays college football (at Texas, which I only know because I looked him up on Wikipedia). 3. His name is quite possibly the best name ever for a football player.

20. I am going to start a food journal, writing down everything I eat. I didn’t use to snack so much, but it’s becoming a problem, as evidenced by the couple of pounds I’ve already gained since a little before Halloween. And HELLO! Christmas cookies are is coming. I’m not counting points or calories. I start Monday. Who’s in?

19. I hate the word bling.

18. Mexican food and Matt and I were all MFEO. I am very happy to report that El Maguey has reopened near our house after a kitchen fire in July closed it down for months. We ate there Saturday night.

17. If big hair comes back into style, I’m golden. This humidity is not good.

16b. Teething (and, potentially a toddler’s teething breath, oh my) is my parenting kryptonite. Jack Henry’s first two-year molar has started to poke through, and I need to just curl up in a ball in the corner and wait it out. I’ll be doling out the Motrin freely. For his teething pain and my headache.

16a. A toddler who has just learned how to use the word “no” also falls under this kryptonite category. At the end of the day, I am useless. If someone even asks him his name now, he says “NO!”


14. I’m getting a massage this weekend and I can’t stop thinking about how much I’m looking forward to it! Thanks, Heidi, for the gift card that I for some reason put off using, but can’t wait to!

13. I just found a box of wallet-sized wedding pictures in a junk drawer; I’m pondering what to do with them. Anybody want one? C’mon, don’t be shy.

12. I really think youngish bald guys are sexy. I think when you’re young and losing your hair and you have the confidence to just shave it all off, that’s really cool. Matt, it’s lucky for you that this is the case.

11. I rarely find a blog that is so funny and well-written that I have to go back and read from the beginning, but I did that with This Is How Mom Rolls.  Hilarious!  And, the author and I knew each other as children.

10. Corollary to random thought #23: Bennett is definitely going through a growth spurt, and the amount of food that he can put away at a meal is staggering. Breathtaking, really, when you’re looking at the food as dollars instead of nourishment for your growing boy.

9. Vanity sizing is my new best friend. Sorry to my other besties out there, but when a store can put me in a dress in a size that I haven’t worn since the eighth grade (and only for about two weeks at that), we’re going to be tight.

8. I hate when I buy a new makeup product and immediately hate it. I will never buy another tube of mousse mascara. They’re all bad.

7. Making Trader Joe’s pumpkin pancakes the other day brought to mind two things: 1. I am grossed out by that white connective tissue thingy in an egg, which, I have just learned by 2 seconds on Google, is called chalazae. 2. I don’t like when baking instructions tell you to just mix something until the big lumps are gone. That goes against my perfectionist nature; I feel like I haven’t finished the job I set out to do.

6. Phineas and Ferb is potentially the best kids’ show ever.

5. Seeing your children in emotional pain, I’ve decided, is the worst part of parenting that I’ve encountered so far. Rip my heart out.

4. Luke has made a poster for our wall to advertise the book fair he’s going to have the week of his birthday (how does he come up with these things?). I’m floored by how much he’s writing these days. He writes a couple of “chapter” books (each chapter is like a page long) every day, most of it stemming from the fact that they are working on “personal narratives” at school now. It blows me away that my kid knows what a personal narrative is.

3. I don’t get the Pioneer Woman/MckMama haters out there.  I mean, I completely understand if someone’s writing/stories/cooking aren’t your taste…that’s cool.  But writing posts on your blog (or starting new blogs just with that intent) trying to air other people’s supposed dirty laundry (that you don’t even know is fact)?  That’s just insecurity and jealousy of someone else’s success.  Here’s a little hint:  if you don’t like their blogs, DON’T READ THEM.  “Keepin’ it real” doesn’t mean telling the whole world every little tiny bit of your business.

2. I have to potty train Jack Henry sometime in the next calendar year. Ugh.

1. Do you want the last several minutes of your life back after reading this?

22 responses to “25 Random Thoughts

  1. I LOVE El Maguey’s! I think we went there Saturday night too. We used to go once a week but Aaron is on a diet now so we haven’t gone in a few months! I love their cheese dip!

  2. Colt was totally on my list of boys names before Daphne was born. For whatever reason, I was watching (all by myself – not sure why) a little special on Colt McCoy last fall and decided I LOVE that name. However, when I mentioned it to someone, they immediately assumed I liked it because Kevin is an Indy Colts’ fan. Crossed it off after that.

    Also, I will totally join you in journal what I eat. I have gotten REALLY bad. I know exactly when it started for me – when I first realized I was hyperthyroid (is that one word, don’t know). I was eating everything in sight and not gaining a pound. Because I had also just started going to the gym, I was actually losing weight!! Then shortly after I started my medicine, I got pregnant and continued to eat. Then I had Daphne, breastfed AND trained for the tri – still kept eating. Now, I’m not breastfeeding, not training for anything, and my thyroid is under control with meds. Hmmmm. Maybe I should stop eating like a pig!! I just LOVE food!!!

    How were the pumpkin pancakes? Good?

  3. a few things:

    1) I just said the same thing about Colt’s name the other day!
    2) What is MFEO? I’m not down with the cyber lingo these days apparently.
    3) Bald guys ARE hot. 🙂
    4) Not doing a food journal…you’re CRAZY.
    5) When JH is teething does he chew on his crib (aka eat it)?

    • MFEO = Made For Each Other

      JH is gnawing CONSTANTLY on his fingers. My mom said that we chewed our crib when we were teething, and there is evidence on the crib that babies still sleep in when staying at my dad’s house!

  4. Thank you for explaining MFEO – i was too shy to ask! 🙂

  5. I actually cont calories right now – just to see how many I am eating in a day here and there. You would be shocked if you added them up. Plus, I am trying to lose a few pounds before our cruise.

    Also, you look great and do not show the extra few pounds at all. I actually thought you had lost more weight when I saw you last friday night and saturday.

  6. Are you kidding? I want to read more! Thanks, Jamie for the MFEO question – mine too. And translating food to dollar signs when the appetites are big is just not a good idea. Love this post!

  7. i wish we had a trader joe’s here in kc. whenever we go up to minneapolis, i have to stock up on stuff.

  8. Re: #23–I am deeply disturbed by how quickly NANA JO can eat an entire bag of Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels from Walmart.

    Re: #20–You’re a brave woman–going into the holidays. (I’m w/ Jamie; you’re CRAZY!)

    Luke’s book fair poster–that is SO Luke!!!

    Who is MckMama & why don’t I know about her post? I don’t get it either. Saw someone hatin’ on PW on your FB update the other day and thought that was really out there.

    I am going to get reading TIHMR’s blog (#11).

    Jack Henry will toy around w/ you w/ potty training til you’re about insane and then some fine day he’ll just decide to do it.

  9. You know I share your unhealthy relationship with bread and butter! And I got slightly excited when I saw the word “corollary” in #10. Total Geometry word!

  10. Love it!!! okay, happy to be a part of #14! it is a good reminder that my friend kiran bought me a massage for my wedding (um, love her!) and i need to use it stat! also, TOTALLY agree about the nasty egg tissue part. it scares me… and i think that jeff’s sis katie was telling me the other day about that phineas and ferb show–she said it was the best!

  11. Yay! Love your list, too!

    Clearly your friends don’t remember MFEO being in “Sleepless in Seattle” . . .

    Watch at 8:50. . . 🙂

  12. Okay, that’s weird. . . sorry I didn’t know it’d put the whole youtube screen in there, and it doesn’t appear to be working!. . . add www. to the link below to get to it on youtube.


    • It worked for me (and I think it’s cool that the video popped up like that)! I didn’t even realize that’s where I probably first heard it! You have a great memory.

  13. Nicole, I know you can’t wait to talk more football names, but Effingham High School once had a quarter back who’s name has to rival Colt McCoys’ in the all-time football names: Rusty Winchester . Now you can get back to more important things in life, if there is anything more important than SPORTS. Sam, as if you wouldn’t know it isn’t Sharon

  14. This post cracked me up! Ps…I secretly watch Phineas and Ferb and pretend to hate it with the kids…but “My name is Doof and you will do as I say..Woot Woot…” cracks me up everytime!! Have a great weekend!

  15. We love Phineas and Ferb at our house! It is by far the best cartoon on TV. The romantic cruise for Baljeet and his friend with the “Love Boat” intro was hilarious!

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