Bullet Points: Weekend Alone

*Boys left around 4pm on Friday. Matt was headed to deer camp (where he does not actually hunt, if you remember), and the boys were headed to Nana Jo and Papa Ron’s house for a weekend of fun.

*Did a happy dance around the kitchen.

*Ran a ton of errands, most of them fun.

*Picked up Chipotle for dinner. I want to marry their guacamole it’s so good.

*Sorted the boys’ Christmas presents.

*Wrapped a few presents.

*Saturday: cleaned out playroom. Threw away McDonald’s toys. Packed away baby/toddler toys. Held back tears.

*Lots of errands. Primarily trying to find outfits/accessories (for me; no one else accessorizes in this house, obviously) for our family pictures and do some Christmas shopping. Had a lovely time because I had the luxury of time.

*Accidentally rubbed jalapeno juice in my eye, while driving and eating an Auntie Anne’s jalapeno pretzel (first time I’d had one; it was 3pm and I’d had half a bagel all day to eat. Needed sustenance, and this fit the bill!). Burned badly and I almost had to pull over.

*Lips were on fire from jalapenos, and I dug out my Softlips chapstick thing, and right after I got a really thin layer on my lips, I totally crushed it. No idea how I managed that, but my mouth was burning for forever because I HAD NO CHAPSTICK.

*I went to Forever 21. Twice. Bought a scarf that didn’t match what I needed it to, so I took it back and bought a super-cheap sweater. I was like 15 years older than everyone else in the store. Including the manager.

*Got a massage!!

*Back to the mall to pick up one of my two favorite meals from CPK: a Pear Gorgonzola Pizza. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it, people. Is everyone sensing why I didn’t want to start food journaling until Monday?

*More gift wrapping!

*Sunday: worked in church nursery. Home to wrap more presents. Polished off CPK leftovers, one of the few types of leftovers I don’t mind eating.

*Boys home around 12:30. This was Jack Henry’s response to me:

resentful much? he just ran away from me, and avoided me for the first 15+minutes he was home.

Some observations:
1. I could have sworn it was Halloween. I have never seen so many totally freaky people in my whole life while out shopping (keep in mind that I’ve lived in a city for a long time and I went to a liberal arts college – and this weekend takes the cake). I kept expecting that creepy Twilight Zone music to start playing (when I was a kid, I couldn’t even hear the music without being scared).

2. I loved my time alone! Everyone says, “Aww, don’t you miss them?” and I always say, “Yes!” because that’s what I’m supposed to say, but honestly, it’s not like we were apart for a week. I was ready for them to come home on Sunday, yes, but I wasn’t pining for them the whole time they were gone; I was totally enjoying myself! And I was able to do that because…

3. The boys had such a great time at Nana Jo and Papa Ron’s. They’re well-taken-care-of and Nana Jo sends them home with clean laundry. What more could I ask for?

14 responses to “Bullet Points: Weekend Alone

  1. love this post! first of all, guac at chipotle is the best i’ve ever had. hands down. second, pear gorg pizza sounds like something that matt would like, too! pears are in season and i’m thrilled beyond belief–eat one nearly daily. third, i’m 10 years older than 21 but not not 10 years older than the price tags on 21 year old clothing–love forever 21. i said it. fourth, gift wrapping? you are soooo type A.

  2. Sounds like you have a great weekend.

    And I am totally cracking up at JH’s drama this week over these *brief* parental absences. And, um, HE was gone — not you! 😉

  3. Nana Jo ROCKS! Keeps the kids and does the clothes? – is she looking for another “supplemental” set of grandkids – I have girls and they can be charming at times – best part – we are here in town!! 🙂
    Let me know!

    Jealous of your weekend of freedom – for me deer season means lack of daddy for days on end and lots of smelly clothes to wash on Sunday – and sometimes deer meat in the freezer – hacky!

  4. Your weekend = my heaven!

  5. The pic of JH is a hoot! I did wonder if I’d hear him saying “mommy” or “daddy” or doing anything to indicate he wanted you instead of me, but much to my relief, he didn’t. He was such a cute, happy little critter! I LOVED his loud belly-laugh!

    Once when I was in the f.r. & he was pounding around on the piano, he paused, and I could hear him saying names: Heidi, Luke, Bennett, Mommy, Daddy, Jo(!)–I looked over, and he was pointing to pictures on the piano!

    The big boys were so good too–no squabbling whatsoever.

    LOL at sistersara’s “proposition”! Hey, if she can ever catch me home . . . ! 🙂

  6. I’m glad you did a happy dance around the kitchen. I almost wish there was a hidden video camera around there somewhere. 🙂 Sounds like a productive, yet relaxing, “mommy weekend”. And SO glad you got a massage – hopefully its effects will last through the holidays.

    Three more sleeps until turkey.

  7. Yay for alone weekends!! So glad that you enjoyed your time. It’s healthy!

    My mom always returns the girls with clean laundry. It’s a very nice touch. Way to go, Jo!!

  8. Thank you for mentioning the CPK pear gorgonzola pizza. I thought I was alone in my deep and endless love for this epicurean masterpiece.

  9. I had CPK yesterday. I have one across the street from me, yet I have only been there FOUR times since I’ve moved (that’s in three years). Crazy. I used to always get boring pizzas from there. . . and then Mom ordered a white pizza last time she was in town. LOVED IT. I add bacon, which is just awesome. . . because I support anything with bacon. Mmmmm. . . I’m having leftovers NOW! 🙂

    Glad you had a fun weekend!

  10. I want to be half the mom you are. you deserved the weekend without boys

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