You Could Say We’re Going Through a Sticker Phase.

Bennett has twice this week already created what he calls “Sticker Man,” whereby he covers himself in as many stickers as he can. I don’t care that he does this for two reasons:

1. He stays out of trouble for a very long time while placing the stickers, and Jack Henry usually joins him (though he tears them off as fast as he puts them on).

2. We have about a million stickers, so I love that he’s using them!

doesn't his arm look funky and broken? i swear, it's not.

Today, we added temporary tattoos to the mix, too!

check out his mario kart ink! he also has mater from cars tattooed on his left hand/wrist, which is where he placed it.

7 responses to “You Could Say We’re Going Through a Sticker Phase.

  1. LOL! I love the expression on Bennett’s face and yes his arm does look funky!

  2. sticker man describes it perfectly.
    i’m not a fan of stickers…i’ve missed them too many times and they’ve gone through the wash and ruined a few shirts.

  3. I need JH’s shirt only with a large fry on it. Mmmmm. Thanks alot because now I’m craving fries even though I just had some yesterday.

  4. So cute! We had temporary tattoos on our faces for our high school football State championship game on Friday and the boys have not scrubbed them completely and my poor kiddos look like they have these random dark moles on their faces! ha! ha! ; )

  5. Oh Nicole – I’m sending you a pic of Luke and Paige about the same age wearing tattoos we brought to your parents’ house. Look for it…

  6. I’m going to have to replenish my sticker supply here. Over the wkend after digging out my last ones, Bennett couldn’t BELIEVE I was totally out!

  7. oh tattoos are a big hit here too! i ususally have to limit how many they can have at one time!

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