So, I’d planned to post today about us decorating the tree last night, but instead I’m posting this little (adorable, if I do say so myself) video of Jack Henry from last night…tree decorating post can wait.

I LOVE how he says “yes” and needed to record it, and I got it last night in this little clip where I’m just asking him to say a few things. NOTE: while he’s pointing to his camera and not answering my demands for words, he’s saying “That’s me!” when pointing to the camera screen…I only realized that when watching this back. He’s saying “that’s me” or “not me” a lot these days…

My sister saw this after I posted it to youtube and sent me a link to Michael Scott (from “The Office” for those of you who don’t watch it) saying “yesh” like Jack Henry does! Hayley – I found this other one, too 🙂

And more evidence:

9 responses to “Comparison

  1. that is AWESOME Jack Henry!!
    Very cute!

  2. “hot coco”!!! adorable!!

  3. That is hilarious. Way to go Jack Henry!!!

  4. I think this is the 1st 2-word phrase I’ve heard him CLEARLY say! Cool! Glad you figured out the “that’s me” too! 🙂

  5. So great! Hot cocoa is impressive!

    I love Michael Scott. Last night had me laughing out loud. . . again.

  6. wow!!! JH is getting so clear with his words!!!!

  7. “what did I tell you about yeppers” LMAO I love it!
    Hot Cocoa! He says it so great!!!!

  8. HE’S THE CUTEST!! Seriously!

  9. love it! love that he is thoroughly enjoying looking at himself in the camera!!! hilarious!

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