Decking the Halls

Well, we’ve done it! The tree is decorated, the stockings are hung, and hot chocolate has been consumed, all while listening to some lovely Christmas carols. We even decorated outside on Saturday, despite the cold, which doesn’t happen every year but totally makes the kids’ Christmas when we do.

And I’m left feeling just the tiniest bit overwhelmed and sentimental. Primarily because if things go as planned (I think God laughs when he hears those words), this is our last Christmas in this house.

There will be lots more on this topic in the upcoming months, I’m sure…talk of bad wallpaper, open houses, indecision, excitement, stress, etc. But for right now, I’m a teensy bit sad. Which is the last thing I expected to feel about leaving this house.

Don’t get me wrong; this is a great house. It’ll be a perfect fit for someone out there, I know. It’s just that when we bought it, we bought it with the intention of being here 5-7 years (current count: 6 years, 2 months). We knew immediately that this was a stepping-stone house; not our first, which we adored, and not our forever house, which we will also, hopefully, adore. And of course, there are things I definitely don’t love, layout-wise, about this house, else we’d be staying.

But this house holds so many memories that I have reminded myself over the years are captured in my mind, in pictures, and on the blog. I told myself that I wouldn’t miss this house, but I’m starting to see that there are bits of it that I will.

Ok, enough icky sentimentality. I’m not in the mood. In the meantime, bask in the weirdness with me that our Christmas tree is in our office (in 7 Christmases here, our tree has been in our living room one, playroom once or twice, and office all the other years…it just doesn’t fit in our living room) one last time. Nothing says Christmas like, “Hey, kids, it’s Christmas morning! Let’s go open presents in a room without any comfortable furniture on a cold, laminate floor!”

Here are pictures from decorating the tree, what the outside of the house looks like at night, and our trip to Wild Lights at the zoo…

7 responses to “Decking the Halls

  1. Super Cool! I like your hat lots. Quick clarification…there are years you have no decorations outside of your house? This would deem the title “Grinch” at our house. On the other hand, the striped trees rock!

  2. Love the picture of the 3 boys at the zoo! From what i can see Jack Henry has a huge smile on his face – too cute!

    Love the decorations – very fristdomie!

  3. everything looks great! we also want to (hopefully) move this spring/summer or the next. we LOVE our house but we just need more room.

  4. Our 1st house had many odd layout features, but I still feel sentimental about it; after all, that’s where Matt lived til he was 2! And we only lived there 4 yrs., so I know what you mean.

    The 3 pics of the boys–LOL!! I’m always envious of how much better you do getting pics of them together, but I must admit–these are losers!

    The outdoor trees look great–I’m sure the boys are thrilled!

  5. Love the striped trees!…and all the other pics too. I’m with Karen, LOVE your hat!

    It’s perfectly normal to be a teensy bit sad. I remember, when we moved a couple years ago, I really didn’t feel sad until it was time to leave the house for the last time. I cried. But, that’s OK. Lots more memories will be made at the next house!

  6. Love the pictures (and the trees)! I wish I had the energy to do some tree decorating outside. The inside is 99% done and I think that’s all she wrote this year at our house.

    Could you have the boys drag their comforters, sleeping bags, and such into the study on Christmas morning to sit on while they open presents? They aren’t going to sit on chairs anyway!

    When I saw them sitting on the laminate floor in front of the tree it made me think of the KNOs our school has – on the wood floor of the caf. All the kids bring pillows and blankets, and they turn it into the most perfect place to watch movies and hang out. You could do sorta the same thing.

    • Tari, great idea on the comforters! B is actually getting a sleeping bag for Christmas, so maybe we’ll have him open that up first on Christmas morning.

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