Tuesday Night, Bullet-Style

*Oh, Biggest Loser, I can’t believe you’re over already. But good news! New season starts January 5th!

-Um, Rebecca? What the heck? I had no idea who she even was when she walked out, and I’m trying to be nice about this so I’ll just say that she looked better as a brunette. And wearing anything other than that dress. Icky. I’m having trouble picturing her and Daniel as a couple, but I hope it works out for them.
-Again with the being nice: Tracey kind of scares me. I’ll leave it at that.
-So happy to see that Shay had done so well! And the challenge for next season? Awesome!
-Yay for Antoine and Alexandra…so, so sweet. Watching someone get engaged never gets old.
-I will literally never forget Abby Rike.
-YAY Danny! Amazing. So glad he won…he truly seems to be transformed.

*I may or may not have put all of my children to bed tonight at 6:50 (well, I may have let Luke stay up to read for quite a while, and then he “couldn’t fall asleep/had a headache” so he was awake until 8:45) so that I could watch the BL season finale live, which I never do.

*Cut-out Christmas cookies are coming soon! Dough is mixed (I used half butter, half margarine this time to see how they turn out…you stay there on the edge of your seat and I’ll report back later with results). You know what sugar cookie dough plus me equals: you’re all on high alert.

*To the local jeweler with constant radio ads and a super-annoying voice who shall remain unnamed: please stop telling all of the men of St. Louis 47 times a day that the ladies in their lives would love to receive pearls for Christmas. I, for one, would not. And I’m sure that I can’t be alone. I’m not a fan of pearls. Diamonds? Yes. Please participate in the survey below:

*However, instead of jewelry, my Christmas wish list reads much more like a wedding registry this year, with me wanting to replace lots of things in the kitchen and telling Matt that no, really, I do want a Bissell Little Green.

10 responses to “Tuesday Night, Bullet-Style

  1. I TOTALLY agree about Rebecca’s bizarre new look! Like you, I’d have had NO idea who she was unless I’d seen the old poster! She just looked so unnatural.

    Tracey–too thin–will soon put weight back on unless she has an eating disorder. SO glad she didn’t win the eliminated contestant prize money; I couldn’t stand her.

    OK, what did I miss about Rebecca/Danny (you mean Daniel, I presume?)–I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say they’re a couple!

  2. Okay. . . I love pearls! I’m hoping I’m not alone because I wear them!

    Eh, diamonds are great and all though. . .

    Seriously, how am I not married? I would be so easy to please! 🙂

    • I just really don’t like them on me…too formal looking for who I am!

      Plus, I know this girl who wears them EVERY DAY…whether she’s going to work or not. With her work clothes, they go. Notsomuch with the gym clothes (and yes, I’m serious).

    • me too. i love pearls.
      but i agree with you about rebecca’s hair. i thought she was wearing a wig at first.

  3. Rebecca – in my opinion, you are being very nice. I had no idea who she was until they said her name….and her choice of outfit – YUCK. And, I don’t see her and Daniel together either – just seems weird, but whatever.

    Tracy scares me too. And, I agree with Jo – WAY too skinny. Love Shay and love her challenge. I hope she does it.

    Love both Rudy and Danny so I was happy with whoever won. I thought there would be a bigger transformation with Amanda….kind of surprised with that.

    Not a big pearl fan either. Just never liked them on me.

  4. I can like pearls – but prefer the sparkle of diamonds. That wasn’t an option on your poll, so I had to answer here.

  5. How does a person like me take your surveys w/ only 2 cut-and-dried choices???? I wanted to mark “I like pearls but have only worn them occasionally and prefer diamonds or other favorite gems.”

  6. -Adam calls Tracey: Cra-cey (a combo of crazy and Tracey).
    -I feel the need to request that next season Tim Gunn give mandatory classes on how not to look like a slut in your new thin body. I have tennis skirts that cover more than Rebecca’s dress.
    -We do have a theory here in the Ward house about how they only choose beautiful fat people for the Biggest Loser. Ugly fat people need not apply.

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