Happy 7th Birthday, Luke!

Seven.  I almost can’t wrap my brain around that.  (For a little trip back in time, here’s five and six.)

Happy birthday to the boy who made me a mom. Every minute of this day seven years ago is etched in my mind forever. I love you, Luke!

(birthday recap coming soon!)

P.S. You’ll be seeing more of these pictures, taken by my talented friend, Sonya, soon!

8 responses to “Happy 7th Birthday, Luke!

  1. Happy birthday, Lucas Jacob!!! 🙂 I can’t believe you’re SEVEN!!! I’m so impressed with how smart and mature you continue to grow each year!! Can’t wait to celebrate and hang out next weekend!! Love you!

  2. Happy Birthday Luke!

  3. Happy birthday, Luke!

  4. Luke, this picture of you looking so grown up makes me so happy & proud!! The day you were born was one of the VERY most exciting days of my life!

  5. that’s a great picture of you, luke! happy birthday! we love you! jeff has been practicing chess, so he’s excited to play against you again! he says he wants to win this time 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday Luke!

  7. Happy Birthday Duker!

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