The One Where We Encourage Violence

Watching him Wii box is one of my favorite things.

7 responses to “The One Where We Encourage Violence

  1. just wait, he’ll be knocking your wii guys out before too long.

  2. Oh my! my laugh for the day. Wait – I’m gonna watch it again….

  3. Love it! Another one I’m going to have to watch & re-watch! (I still get a kick out of the “hot cocoa” one!)

  4. He’s great! Just think of all of those upper arm muscles he’s building! 😉

    Pretty much everything JH does makes me smile. I need to remember to tell you what he did when he saw Rebecca come to the church nursery door a couple of Sundays ago. He had all of the adult workers in there laughing!

  5. Love the “Friends”-esque title to this post. I think JH may be a UFC champ someday. (But…ew…I hope not! He’s too sweet and adorable.)

  6. I was watching this AGAIN and then noticed the string of YouTube videos along the bottom when it was done. I found the one of JH playing Wii Boxing last winter–oh my, he’s come a long way!!!

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