This is a First.

Whew! We’re back from our Christmas fun, chillin’ at the house with the boys for a few days of playing with new toys and games. We’ll sneak in a couple of errands over the next day or two, but primarily, it’s family time! I’m hoping to get through Christmas pictures/videos today so I can recap soon, before I forget what all went on.

I am fairly sure that my older two boys have never fallen asleep quite like this before. While I do remember them nodding off in the high chair once or twice as little babies, I don’t remember something like this.

We were driving home from Bloomington, IL (a 3+ hour trip) after our Christmas festivities with extended family last weekend. Jack Henry had gone to bed almost 3 hours later than normal at the hotel, slept very poorly, had only napped 20 minutes the day before. He refused his chocolate chip pancakes at the restaurant that morning (apparently, he only likes plain pancakes…grrr) and was hungry when we got in the car to head home. So I gave him the only food I had with me, which was a couple of sandwich crackers. The pictures tell the rest of the story.

note the cracker in his hand.

i thought he was fake sleeping.

by this point i was laughing, because I was thinking that he's really taking this fake sleep thing seriously.

this is about the point that i nudge matt to look in the rearview mirror, because i realized it was for real.

i was sure he was asleep, so right after i took this picture, i took away his cracker. bad idea; he woke immediately and wanted it back.

he held it a while longer, and then polished it off. his coat was a MESS. he slept until we stopped for a real lunch about an hour later!

5 responses to “This is a First.

  1. that reminds me of the funny videos where the kids fall asleep while eating and end up with a face full of mashed potatoes (or whatever it was they were eating).

  2. Sleep eating — or eat sleeping? — is something I’ve never seen or heard of before. But it seems if there was a competition in it, JH would win. Talk about multi-tasking! 😀

  3. Kaylee did the same thing this weekend coming home. She had a pretzel hanging out of her mouth. Iwas a little worried that she was going to choke. She let me take the part that was hanging out, and finally chewed up the rest of hte pretzel. She drooled a lot!!!

  4. This is hilarious, seeing all the pics in a row! I must say, I’ve never seen the likes of this!

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