A Letter to Us

Dear Matt and Nicole (the 1999 version)*,

It occurred to me yesterday while furniture shopping that I wish I could talk to you guys. First of all, I must say that I’m surprised by how young you look…I guess a lot can happen in 10 years. More accurately, I guess, a lot can happen in 7 years. You should probably brace yourselves for this: did you realize that between 2002 and 2007, you’ll add 3 children to your family, all of them boys?

I know. It’s a lot to take in at once (Nicole, this is an appropriate time to be thankful for not being one of those women who always dreamed of having a daughter). But we just wanted you to appreciate your life right now in 1999, enjoying new married life. It’s not that 2009 is bad…quite on the contrary, it is amazing and wonderful and crazy to be the parents of three. Emphasis on the crazy, and that’s what prompted this letter.

We took all three boys with us today to the furniture store. We’re desperately in need of a new mattress** and though we should have just gone to a mattress store, instead we went to a furniture store. In fact, the same store (different location) that you went to when you were shopping for your first couch (you know the one – the one Nicole had to plead for after the wedding when Matt wanted to keep the nasty Goodwill hide-a-bed couch indefinitely and just invest the money). Anyway, in addition to looking at mattresses, we told the boys that we could look at bunk beds, because they’re probably going to get some in the near future. This led to much running and breathless excitement and “can I please climb the ladder and see the top bunk?”. Things weren’t going too badly, so we pushed it and headed into another room to look at dining room furniture.

And that’s where it all broke loose. I don’t know exactly what was going on, as I was actually trying to look at tables and chairs (imagine that), but somewhere along the line Bennett (he’s your middle child; I can’t wait for you to meet him) was pulling Luke through the store, and Luke told on him. When I asked Bennett why he was doing that, he said it was because Luke told him to do it…enter sheepish look on Luke’s face. I told all three boys to put their hands in their pockets and not take them out (Jack Henry required a bit of help with this), and we headed out of the store, mercifully without breaking anything.

So, when you’re out furniture shopping, and you can’t make up your mind, know that you have the luxury of returning to the store whenever you please without children having to take a bathroom break, needing to be disciplined, or trying out every mattress in the place. Enjoy it. At this point, I’m nearly willing to set a price limit and call a mattress store and have them deliver something sight unseen.

Matt and Nicole (the 2009 – almost 2010 – version)

*inspired by the sweet Brad Paisley song called “Letter to Me.”
**any helpful advice on things you love/hate about your mattress would be much appreciated! Anyone have a Eurotop?

12 responses to “A Letter to Us

  1. Wow–I love that song!! Makes me cry!

    Who is that boy-kid w/ you at the top of this entry?

    I can just see the boys in a furniture store–with bunk beds!!

    Mattresses: Since we still have never had a mattress I like, I’m not a great one for advice. We inherited my mom & dad’s–soft!–and I loved it, but it just got really old, and Ron thought he needed something better for his back. Just remember, though, that there’s a difference b/w “extra firm” and “just plain hard” (read: uncomfortable).

    Although everyone on the face of the earth seems to love the pillow top, I don’t overly endorse them. Seems like they eventually form a sort of ridge that keeps you from easily turning back & forth (like your body makes an indention in the pillow top–not sure if this makes sense). I have NO IDEA what type of mattress we’d buy if we were looking.

  2. P.S. That sounded confusing–to clarify, after giving up mom & dad’s comfy but worn-out mattress, we bought an extra-firm one over at Keller’s; it was the “just plain hard” one. It’s now on the bed in Heidi’s old room. That’s when we bought the pillow top over at Clarkson’s. Better (which isn’t saying much), but still don’t love it by a long shot.

  3. We are also is desperate need of a new mattress so I am hoping a lot of people give you suggestions!!

  4. I’m picturing the scene right now – we were just in a furniture store last night and from around the corner I heard something hit the floor and I was positive I was going to see bits and pieces as I looked over but fortunately it was something thick and heavy and not the delicate glass vases we had just passed. It was time to leave though!

    Here goes my mattress review – sorry it’s going to be a long one. A year or so ago we bought a Sleep Number (the 5000 model which I believe they no longer make). It probably took us 2 years to make the purchase because I couldn’t fathom spending that much on a mattress set but Rich’s parents had one and they swore by it and we were both in so much pain every morning that we finally sucked it up and gave it a try. We also happened to get a really good deal on it (I think around $700 off) because we got a flyer in the mail for an inventory reduction or something like that. Anyway, as they will tell you in the store, it does take some time (about 2-4 weeks) to find your number so it wasn’t love at first sleep but we really love it now. Rich sleeps much better (a lot less snoring – don’t tell him I mentioned that) and we are no longer in pain every morning. I anticipate this mattress will last a lot longer than any of our others since it’s basically a very high quality air mattress – no more of those full body sinkholes that we would get after a few years (granted we never bought super high quality mattresses in the past). Anyway, for us it’s been worth the expense. Oh, I forgot to mention that each side is independently controlled so each person can set it to their liking. I have several friends that have purchased tempurpedics and hate them because the foam traps your body heat and they said they wake up in a sweat. Good luck!

  5. Ours is a Vera Wang (by serta?). While I like it, I have a feeling it’s not going to last long. I’m thinking a sleep number bed is in our future at some point.

  6. I’m going to try and figure out what kind we have w/o having to take the zippered allergy cover off……

    cause we LOVE LOVE LOVE our mattress….the biggest reason why?….OK, two biggest reasons. 1. we both sleep fantastic in it and 2. if one of us goes to bed later than the other, we can’t feel that person get in the bed or we can’t feel each other move around at night either…..that’s the best part. You don’t wake up to the other one moving around! My mom didn’t believe me at first until she tried it, she agrees.

    I will say my parents had the sleep number bed and HATED it. They went through a couple different ones…don’t remember why but they weren’t happy with it at all.

    Good luck, and I’ll keep in touch on what kind we have!

  7. Two words: Sleep Number.

    Their models have changed but go with the middle of the line. It is worth the money and if you think about it, if a mattress starts to squeak (why would it ever do that???) after five years or one side becomes uncomfortable or shows dips where you sleep – you have to replace the entire mattress – big expense again.

    Sleep number beds, you can replace the component that is not working for you. Like, for example, if a child pukes, poops, or pees on the mattress (why would that ever happen????) you can just replace the zip off top portion and be thankful that it cost a couple hundred bucks instead of sleeping on remnants of bodily fluids/solids for the next ten years until you can justify spending the big bucks for another mattress.

    Another thing about the expense… it costs a lot, but you sleep on it EVERY NIGHT. It is usually the reason you wake up feeling good or bad in the morning, well, unless a child has been in to wake you before the sun rises, but why would that ever happen????

    Anyhoo, cute post. I liked it – mostly because I can identify with it!

  8. We just bought a pillowtop mattress 2 years ago when Sean moved out of his crib. We gave him our mattress and I love our bed! I think our bed is so comfortable and sleep fantastic in it.

  9. Temperpedic!!! Best money ever spent!

  10. we just got a new mattress from Mattress Firm..we went with the Heavenly Bed from the Westin. Do you research on the sleep number…lots have been recalled because the air chambers inside the mattress are retaining mositure and growing mold….

  11. we’re right there w/ you…in november, we spent one date night just looking for a bed for luke. who would have thought 10 years ago that we would be doing that?

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