In Which We Pull the Bandaid Off Quickly.

My parents always told me to rip a bandaid off quickly, because it would hurt less (or for less time, at least). I took their advice today.

We made a big transition chez Diehl…there are officially no more babies in this house (I’ll be saying this again the day Jack Henry is fully potty-trained, but this is big, too, people).  After 7 dutiful years (literally almost non-stop; there was a couple of months’ break between kid 1 & kid 2, and another brief break between kid 2 & kid 3) of service, our crib was taken apart and put in storage.

We’d been talking about when the best time to do this would be. While Jack Henry wasn’t really showing signs of crawling out of his crib, he’s certainly old enough to have a twin bed. His brothers were even younger when we moved them. However, as mentioned here before, we’re planning a move, hopefully in the spring. And because this isn’t my first rodeo, I know that too many changes at once for little ones can be overwhelming and very schedule-disrupting, especially where sleep is concerned. Since I felt like moving houses and moving him to a big bed all at once might be a little much, we’d been talking about maybe doing it soon.

Matt and I desperately needed a new mattress; we’ve been waking up every morning hurting and worse, not sleeping all night because we toss and turn so much. Since Luke’s sick and couldn’t come out shopping with us today, Matt just sent me, alone, to buy a new mattress for us (no pressure; what if he hates it???), and said that I should just go ahead and pick one out for Jack Henry, too. And wouldn’t you know it, the store we bought them from said that they could deliver them TODAY!

Now obviously, we didn’t have to change Jack’s room out today. But, he was excited about his new bed (he slept in a big bed over Christmas at Papa’s and has talked about it since) and we didn’t really have any plans today, so it just worked out. Which meant that at naptime today, I put my baby down for his last nap in his crib. I was fine with it (pictures below; he was totally posing for me!) and left his room, but he kept calling my name, so I went back in there.

And that’s where the trouble started.

I sat in the rocking chair with him, the same chair I rocked all of my babies in, and the tears started pouring. I’m sure that this would have happened whether we’d had a future date on the calendar as the day we were doing this or not, but I was struck, yet again, at the unfairness of the passing of time. How is he not this baby anymore? How am I done having a crib in my house? I can’t believe more than 7 years have passed since we first set up that crib (which was given to us, by the way, new and unused from a family who decided to cosleep instead of use the crib they bought…it’s not, style-wise, what I ever would have picked, but who says no to a free crib?).

Here’s Jack Henry hamming it up in his crib one last time…

And here’s the big event!

watching the delivery drivers pull up...

immediately trying out the new bed!

luke and bennett wanted ALL of them in the bed at once. it was cozy. look at JH mimicking B.

so happy! however, he was a little anxious/pouty about being left alone in his bed, since we gave him the stern "you are not to get out of bed" speech.

after only one trip out of his bed (to shut his door all the way), he climbed back in with a pout on his face and went to sleep! only took about 30 minutes, which is normal for him.

10 responses to “In Which We Pull the Bandaid Off Quickly.

  1. what a big day! he looks so much older in that big bed. & i’m impressed that he is sleeping straight!

    hang in there, friend. i’m certain that you’re going to enjoy this next stage of parenting (and being the cool aunt of all the babies in your family).

  2. awwww! All those pictures are so cute! I Love the one with all 3 of them in the bed 🙂

  3. He looks so happy!

    Each stage is an adventure. They just aren’t all the wake-several-times-a-night, spit-up-all-over-the-place, blowing-out-their-diaper kind of stage.

    I’d be interested in what he has to say about his new bed come morning time.

    BTW, we also did the bed change for Jessica so that it didn’t coincide with our move to the new house. Same reasons. Only we did it about 6 weeks after the move.

    • Each stage is an adventure. They just aren’t all the wake-several-times-a-night, spit-up-all-over-the-place, blowing-out-their-diaper kind of stage.

      Thank God.

      He thought his bed was great! He called for me this morning to come get him, which is fine with me…I don’t want him wandering around the house on his own while we’re sleeping!

  4. Great pictures. . . the one with all three in the bed were too cute. 🙂 Glad the first night went so smoothly!

  5. I can’t handle the cuteness! And I skiimmed through the sappy part because I can’t bear the thought. It’s just better to do these things without thinking! 🙂

  6. Just reading this got me all teared up. We’re probably about 6 months or so from this with Landon and the thought of not having a baby crib up gets me so choked up. I know it’s good and it is a necessary transition, but it’s a biggie! Glad he liked it.

  7. I cried my eyes out when I took our crib down for the last time about 26-27? years ago, so I understand! It is the end of a special era . . . but you can still live vicariously through your one (& almost 3) nephews/nieces! I know it’s not the same, but you also don’t have all the con parts of it either!

    I thought JH would transition into this really well! Hopefully, he’ll continue to be like the other 2 in thinking he can’t get up in the morn by himself!

    Keep us posted on how you & Matt like your new mattress!

  8. I got sad reading your post…. kids grow to damn fast.
    I told Abby the other day to stop growing – just stop – and she got mad at me – Mom I CAN’T stop growing!
    I know babe….but momma needs you too….. (tears)

    Glad the transition went easy. We are probably going to move Katie soon too…. yikes!

  9. i just ordered a bed for luke yesterday. it won’t be delivered until around the 22nd. i hope i’m wrong but i don’t think it will as easy w/ luke as it was w/ kenny.

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