This and That

A few scattered thoughts and links…

*As many of you know, I have thyroid disease, and January is Thyroid Awareness month (thanks, Nicole!).  For a description that’s both hilarious and incredibly informative, go over to This is How Mom Rolls, where she references Mr. Big, Mr. Big and prostate cancer all in one post. Oh, and some valuable information on thyroid disease and symptoms. I have hypothyroidism not associated with another autoimmune disorder, so my symptoms have never been as severe as what Nicole has been through, but if you have any of the symptoms she describes or anything listed here, go to your doctor for a simple blood test. While it’s true that thyroid issues often run in families, there is not one bit of history in my family of any disorders, and my disease was diagnosed with the first blood test of my pregnancy with Luke. I’d ignored some mild symptoms, attributing them to stress/life change/whatever for a while before I was diagnosed.


For a laugh-out-loud funny version of a mom taking her kiddo to Urgent Care for stitches (not usually laugh-worthy, right?), go to More from the Mohrs. As I commented to her, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who writes blog posts in my head during stressful/funny life events.


Have you tried these new whole-grain blueberry muffins? Holy cow, they’re good! You can get the mix at any grocery store now, I think. I’m having to use great restraint in not going and getting another one right now, since I’m thinking about them. Updated: I did go back for another half of one.


Luke’s had a low-grade fever for SIX days now and is coughing something fierce. Thankfully he’s not back to school until Tuesday, since I’ll be taking him to the doctor tomorrow. I think it may be time for some antibiotics. Which means that his Christmas break might be extended an extra day…I don’t know if I can handle it. Much as I love him and have loved our break (minus this pesky illness), it’s time to get back into the swing of things.


I made a meal plan for this week. Back in the saddle, y’all.


Some of you have asked how the new mattress situation is working out, and the answer is great! Matt and I both love our new mattress (in fact, I couldn’t resist napping this afternoon), which is a relief since I picked it out without him laying on it. I got a Sealy PosturePedic Holly Springs Cushion Firm for anyone who’s interested. It’s a firm mattress with about an inch of memory foam on top. So far, so good.

Jack Henry is very proud of his new bed, and is sleeping through the night and napping well. It’s taking him a while to get used to being left in there alone, though…must be scary to know you have some freedom to get up but have been warned not to! It’s funny to me that he wants his door completely closed when we leave the room, but so far, he’s not gotten himself in any trouble. We’re still coming up with a little routine for bedtime, so it’s taking a little longer to get out of his room, but we’ll get there. I’m really pleased so far!

4 responses to “This and That

  1. I always like your “this & that” posts! Those muffins would no doubt do me in. I occasionally make a very healthy (flourless) muffin recipe w/ oat bran, banana, blueberries & other ingred. I love the darned things and have to keep most of the batch in the freezer.

  2. Hey Nicole – couple comments…. #1 – Sister Angie has thyroid problems – so maybe runs on your dad’s side.

    and the muffins – gal at work brought them in Christmas eve morning and i ate too many to admit too in a public forum! 😉

    Hope Luke’s fever goes away soon – no fun!

  3. We’ve done the whole grain chocolate chip ones. Heaven! And that sounds like the kind of mattress we have! Cool!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out!!! =) Glad my pain is your entertainment…

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