The Christmas Break That Will. Not. End.

Yes, you read that right…for Luke, it’s still Christmas break. He hasn’t been back to school due to his eight days of cough and fever (never over 100 so I wasn’t ever really worried, plus he was acting pretty normal). Which, when diagnosed, was actually a double ear-infection that caused no pain and walking pneumonia – go, Mom, for letting that go on so long. The doctor did make me feel a little better by saying that this can sometimes go on for several weeks because outside the cough and the low fever that comes and goes, you don’t feel all that bad. He would have gone back to school today, but, it’s a snow day due to the whopping 3 inches of light, fluffy snow that we got last night. I’m all for snow days when they’re needed, but c’mon.

Needless to say, I was ready for school to be back in session for him. Not that I don’t love him. But there is such a thing as too much togetherness, and we were are there. Though today seems different and special because of the snow, so things are pretty smooth-sailing around here. That, and the two little boys are watching WordWorld while Luke drinks some hot cocoa.

This was Jack Henry’s first time to play in the snow. I was able to escape this last year because he still wasn’t very steady on his feet, but this year there was no getting around it. So I spent about 30 minutes gathering up all of the snow boots, hats, scarves, coats and gloves I could find, hoping to find something to fit each boy. Turns out I totally blanked on buying Luke snowpants this year. Bummer. He’s the least affected by the cold, though, so he was fine with some layers, and I’ll get right on getting him a pair of snowpants in preparation for the next blizzard to hit St. Louis.

Here is video evidence (loving my new camera!) and pictures from our day!

17 responses to “The Christmas Break That Will. Not. End.

  1. The pictures and videos and really good good!

  2. For the bizillionth time, I have to say your blog, w/ the frequent pics & videos, is the GREATEST!!! It’s just so fun to be able to glimpse into these little moments!

    Loved the layout of clothes in the 1st pic–and then the aftermath. And JH’s “hat head”! And Luke’s little “snowhead” complete w/ scarf! πŸ™‚

    Sure hope Luke gets completely over his lingering sicknesses now that he’s on meds. Surprised the ears weren’t causing him any pain.

  3. Snow days are great aren’t they?? Brings back memories. And don’t feel bad about Luke and waiting to go to the doctor. When Audrey was little I let a stye go for months before I took her to the doctor. It was inside her eye and it looked really small to me so I had her keep warm compresses on it (which the doctor had told us to do with her previous ones). When I finally took her in they sent her to an eye specialist the same day and she had to have it surgically removed immediately! Now talk about feeling like a bad mom! To this day (15 yrs. later) that eye is still sensitive and believe me she doesn’t let me forget this. Ha!

  4. And apparently I am now Aunt Jon. Kind of left off the i.

  5. I absolutely love the pictures and the videos. I love JH’s Michael Scott “Yesh”. . . poor baby. I was always over it after a short while in the snow, too. πŸ™‚

    • I love that you can still hear the “yesh” in his voice! It’s actually improved a bit since I posted the Michael Scott comparison a few weeks ago, but it’s still not a perfect “yes” and I hope it stays that way for a while!

  6. Where did he get “really good good.” It’s going to be my new catch phrase!

  7. love the videos! JH–i agree about being out in the snow and cold!!!

  8. I never buy snow pants for the kids. If we lived somewhere where it snowed more I’d probably invest in them, but for the two snows a year we get here that they spend very little time in, meh…I had an old pair of snow pants sized 2T that were my brothers when he was little that I put Landon in today but the other two toughed it out in mul.ti.ple layers and were no worse for the wear.

    Glad you guys had fun and hopefully Luke is well enough to go back next week. Looks like we ALL ended up with an extended break!

  9. Forgot to mention: you have the most beautiful complexion possible w/o Photoshop, so stop talking about teeny little crow’s feet!!!

  10. Love the pic of you. The boys are cute, of course, but we don’t see enough of your smiling face!

  11. your new camera quality looks great!

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