Toddlers Are So Weird.

I know, because I’ve been through this before with his two older brothers, that this stage of Jack Henry’s will not last forever.  But, it deserves documenting.

If he’s being obstinate about something like getting his clothes or shoes on, for instance, and just flatly refuses to cooperate, I’ll say, “Ok, then, you have to be in timeout until you’re ready to put your shoes on.” And do you know what he does? He jumps up off the floor with a smile on his face and runs to his room for timeout. It’s usually only for about 30 seconds, when he then runs out of his room yelling “Yeady! I yeady!”

And then yesterday and today, Luke asked me if he could put Jack down for his nap. Of course, I didn’t argue. Jack Henry practically ran to his bed, laid down immediately, and asked Luke to pat his back. Unlike with me, where we have to do a million things (hug twice, he wants to shut the door/turn on the music/turn on the humidifier himself, blow me a kiss, rearrange stuffed animals, etc) before I leave the room.

Toddlers. They’re a strange breed.

5 responses to “Toddlers Are So Weird.

  1. Stated perfectly.

    Running willingly to his room & then quickly being “yeady” sure beats throwing himself on the floor in a fit. 🙂

  2. Good Post! So true, so true!

  3. TOO TRUE! And may I add that I am only just discovering how AWESOME it is that we have provided siblings for our boys. I mean, like you said, they are all eager and cute to do things for each other. It’s so great to have little helpers!

  4. The part about him being happy to put himself in timeout and then being done with that and ready for compliance 30 seconds later cracked me up! You do have to wonder how their minds work at that age. 🙂

  5. Oh yea, things are WAY cooler coming from the sibs instead of mom.

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