New Adventure, Day 1

Today is my first day with a job in more than three years. I mean a paying job. Because of course I’ve been working these last three years, but this is different.

Will gets dropped off at 7am, which thankfully will force me to get moving a bit earlier in the morning. The boys were all happy to see him when he got here, and Bennett, Jack Henry and Will were playing together while I put some breakfast on the table. All of the sudden, Will started crying, and rightfully so, because Jack Henry had hit him in the face. Will had been here 15 minutes. Wow…welcome to your new daycare, Will. I talked to Michon this morning, and thank God she’s laid back, because it was awesome (eyeroll) to tell her that her son had already been slapped in the face.

In his defense, he was being playful, but inappropriately so. He got his first timeout for hitting, and very sadly told Will “I sowwy” when he came out to the kitchen a few minutes later. I’m fairly certain that Will had forgotten by then (he’s 9 months old, remember). Since then, Jack Henry has been super-sweet, especially since I put Will down for a nap. He walked out to the kitchen where I was talking to Bennett and said, “Shhhh Mommy. Whoa. Sweeping.” When he started up his Leapster and the volume was too loud, he said, “Too youd. Whoa. Sweeping.” I’m lovin’ this concern for others!

So I’m looking at this as an adventure. It’s going to force me to be more organized and to plan ahead better, which are good things. I think I’d gotten a bit lazy lately and there will be no room for that! His time with us also coincides with some big decisions and potentially the biggest project we’ve ever undertaken, which I’ll share more about in upcoming weeks (I hope sooner rather than later, but the timetable is very uncertain right now).


In other news, Luke FINALLY went back to school! His Christmas break is over. However, Bennett woke up with a horrible cough (no fever) so he didn’t go to school. I can’t win.

9 responses to “New Adventure, Day 1

  1. Yay for new adventures…both in keeping Will & BIG family decisions!!

    Oh…and I’m home with Elle today. Nasty cough too…hmmm, maybe they shared some germs last night.

  2. Good Luck with Baby Will! that is fun!! And how awesome for Zac and Michon to have an awesome sitter at their finger tips!

    Good luck on your new project – I have a guess in mind of what it is – will be looking forward to see if I am right! 🙂

  3. I offered to watch my little niece or nephew (don’t know what it is yet) this coming fall once a week while my sister in law works. It is hard to get back into the baby routine once we are out of it isn’t it?

  4. i’m just impressed that that was jh’s first time in time out for hitting. my luke tends to go there a lot for that.

  5. Um, I LOVE even reading JH’s talking, let alone hearing it. TOO CUTE!

  6. Good luck Nicole! I did home daycare for a period of time and feel a bond with the children I watched. Ease into it, enjoy it, and know that you are going to do fabulous! ; )

  7. wow! how exciting! zach and michon are very lucky and i’m sure appreciate your generosity immensely! there is nothing like a family member looking after your children. like angela said, you will do fabulous!

  8. “Whoa. Sweeping.” CLASSIC!!!!!

    I just can’t get over JH being a big boy who gets in trouble & has time-outs!

  9. I love adventures, thus the four children 😉 You’ll love watching him! There’s nothing beter than borrowing a little one to snuggle and get to send them home at the end of the day 😀

    I guess I’m waiting for coughs…

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