Just Another Day at the Office UPDATED

Luke was trying very, very hard to fill all the free time he had while on extended Christmas break. He set up an “office” one afternoon to look like his dad’s. Can you spot 4 5 things besides the desk and chair that are also found in his dad’s office? Also, it should be noted that his father does not wear mismatched pajamas to work.

And the answers are:
piggy bank (which was representing Matt’s cup of coins, I think)
laptop and mouse (I counted as one item)
cell phone (which was “plugged in” to the computer to charge it)
water (Matt’s would be coffee)
stress ball

3 of you got 4 of them right!

8 responses to “Just Another Day at the Office UPDATED

  1. Whoa! This post is like a Diehl family version of “I Spy”. πŸ˜€

    He looks so intent on his “work”. Great stuff!

  2. Here are my guesses:
    Piggy Bank
    In Box (leapster box in this case)
    Bouncy ball – or some type toy
    Bottle of Water

    And of course FP LIttle People Farm in the corner for when he gets bored with the whole corporate world….

  3. laptop
    piggy bank
    inbox(like what Sara said)
    and there is another gadget sitting by the mouse I am not sure what that is. Maybe MP3 player or something

  4. laptop
    cell phone
    briefcase (the leapster)

  5. laptop
    cell phone
    piggy bank

  6. Jill (thebaglady)

    piggy bank (bank valt)
    water (coffee)
    lap top
    stress ball
    cell phone

    This is so cute!

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