We Must Breed Them This Way

Matt and I both grew up as nail biters (I’ve relapsed several times as an adult, but I’m currently typing this with 7 long nails and 3 that I bite/pick at while reading or stressed out…I’m weaning myself. It looks strange, but it’s working for me). And apparently, we’ve passed this trait on to two of our three offspring.

Bennett’s been a BAD nailbiter for the last 18 months or so, and Jack Henry, at 2, is already biting his nails all the time, especially when in the van or right before bed (which is Bennett’s bad time for biting them, too). While I hate it, I also hate the idea of that nasty nailbiter polish that my mom tried on my as a kid, which obviously didn’t work. Tonight I went in to see Jack Henry one last time before he fell asleep, and he was in there nibbling away on his thumb nail. I trimmed for him so it wouldn’t be sharp, and thus, would be harder to bite on.

The one positive, I guess, is that I never have to trim Bennett’s fingernails, which is one my most despised jobs as a parent. Always looking for the silver lining…

6 responses to “We Must Breed Them This Way

  1. I bit my nails during my entire childhood, teen years, & most of my college years. After Ron & I shopped for an engagement ring together (but I didn’t know when I was going to be getting it), I let my nails grow so they’d look nice when I showed off my ring. Eventually resumed biting them, but I think I made it until after we were married!

    As an adult, I’ve still had periodic bad bouts of nail-biting (when I went back for my master’s deg the year I turned 40 comes to mind), but during most of the years of my adulthood, most of my nails have been respectably grown out.

    I’m not real sure I even knew that Bennett bites his nails!! I think I would have guessed Luke to be a nail-biter b/f Bennett. And I sure had NO IDEA that JH had taken up the habit! He seems so happy-go-lucky that I wouldn’t have thought! (Maybe just a paci substitue?)

    • I hadn’t thought of the paci substitute thing! Great thinking! And Bennett was a paci baby, too (as was I…but I think that Matt wasn’t, right?).

      • Right about Matt. I tried w/ the paci, but after just a little persistence, I gave up, so all he had to self-soothe was his blankie (vah-vah)! Although it’s the pits to eventually take away the paci, I was glad I persisted more w/ the girls w/ the paci thing–made it much easier.

  2. I’m also a nail-biter. There are many times I am doing it and don’t even realize until someone says something. My new years resolution is to try and stop – so far I’m not doing bad but not perfect either. I too have gone from letting them grow then biting them all within a day. My only problem is I have bitten them for so long and so low even when my nails are long they barely go over the end of my fingers. 🙂 I have passed this nasty habit on to Chad and his son. Not something I’m proud to pass on through generations.

  3. The up side is the not having to trim nails. They sneak up on you. I just trimmed Will’s yesterday and he could have passed for a girl – or a grizzly bear. Sheesh.

  4. Averhy bites her nails too, and it drives me crazy (because I’m NOT a nail biter — she got it from Sky)… but the worst part is that if she’s really bored, and has worked her way through all of her fingers, then she moves on to… yup, her TOES! UGH!! My “solution” (which hasn’t really worked yet) is to have her chew gum – instead of her nails…

    Thank goodness Eden doesn’t bite her nails. I would go crazy.

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