Product Review: Method Laundry Detergent

So a friend of mine who has connections with the folks at Method asked me if I would be interested in doing a review of their new laundry detergent! Never one to say no to free things, I of course accepted her offer!

Here’s the new product:

Method has just created a new, super-concentrated laundry detergent. I loved not only the scent I got to try (Fresh Air), but several other things, as well:
*tiny packaging…doesn’t take up as much space as my typical giant orange jug, and it also means less waste (it comes in a 25-load and 50-load bottle)
*the detergent is made from 95% natural and renewable products (read: non-toxic)
*in addition to being laundry detergent, it’s also a great stain-remover, which means that you can get rid of another bottle of stuff in your laundry room
*it’s easy to use. No pouring, just squirt four pumps into the washing machine! And, it can be used in front-loader or traditional top-loaders, like my ancient piece of garbage.

I tested out the stain-removal on a pair of Luke’s jeans…the knees were covered with grass stains. Honestly, I was a little nervous, because I always do the same thing on grass stains and it works (stain remover spray + some detergent from the orange bottle, and scrub it in with a toothbrush). However, I decided to give Method a shot at getting out this stain. I just squirted a small amount on the stain, gently rubbed it in with an old toothbrush, and washed it like I normally would. And voila! Grass stain gone.

I’ll definitely be using Method again. And if you go to their website right now, you can print off a coupon for $2 off any size bottle. Click here to learn more about the product, find out where to buy it, and save some money!

3 responses to “Product Review: Method Laundry Detergent

  1. Yes! Didn’t know if it was front-loader safe. Will try!

  2. I looked for this at the store today (to check out the price, etc) and I couldn’t find it at that particular store. Have you seen it at WM or S or D already? Target?

  3. Very cool! I’m always so skeptical about this (“green”) stuff; I think I just have it in my head that it won’t work as well. Glad for the personal trial results!

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