Pantry Clean Up

In prepping our house to go on the market in the next few weeks, I’ve been spending spare moments here and there (because, really, unless it’s after 8pm, that’s all I’ve got) trying to clean out closets and cabinets and the like. I mean, I have invested hours days of my life watching shows on HGTV, and now it’s all going to pay off, because I know what not to do when trying to sell a house! Or so I tell myself.

A biggie is that you don’t want your closets/storage areas to look cluttered, because that gives the illusion that there isn’t ample space in your home. Which is something everyone wants, right?

So, I cleaned out my pantry. Because before, things were starting to fall out when I opened it, which probably doesn’t give a buyer the idea that there’s plenty of room in there. But there is…I just buy groceries like we might have to live trapped in our home for weeks on end (if I believed in past lives, I would be certain that I lived through the Great Depression), so there’s a lot of food in there.

Here’s the before:

and the after:

So it doesn’t look vastly different (the crockpot was out on the counter cooking up something delicious, so that space isn’t normally there) but I promise that when you open the doors now, a bag of egg noodles won’t fall out on you. Oh, I also found a jar of hot fudge that expired in 2007, 2 whoopie cushions (hidden from little boys who like farting noises, and create too many of their own natural ones to need whoopie cushions all day long), several bottles of bubbles from weddings, and a bag of M&M’s that I can’t believe I didn’t know was in there.

Question, though: is it normal that I have 4 kinds of oil (peanut, 2 kinds of olive, canola) and 4 kinds of vinegar (white, red wine, apple cider, rice) in my pantry? I mean, I do cook a lot and we often try new recipes. But still. If I came over to your house, would I find stuff like this?

10 responses to “Pantry Clean Up

  1. Jill (thebaglady)

    For a while there, we kept buying ketchup. We had 3 bottles in the pantry plus the one in the fridge! Oh, and chili beans too. Why?

  2. Great job!! I do agree that your family wouldn’t starve for a l-o-n-g time just off the contents of your pantry (not to speak of your freezers!!). I love to stand in front of your pantry doors and just window-shop.

    Re: your last paragraph: I think you’re an overachiever on ques. 1, and a resounding NO to ques. 2!

  3. Yup, I have many oils & such too – there always seems to be a recipe that needs something different and then you have the whole bottle left… If you are thinking about moving… maybe you should join us in the freezer/pantry challenge!

  4. You did a beautiful job!

    I only have 2 kinds of oil but I’m pretty sure I’ve got you beat on the number of vinegars. I’ve got all the same ones you have plus balsamic.

    I recently made an Excel spreadsheet to inventory my spices (trust me, it was *necessary* that I do that 😉 ) and I came up with over 70 of them.

    I think having all that variety is a sign that your family is eating well and not the same things over and over. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

  5. I LOVE LOVE an organized pantry. Mine – isn’t right now. BUT, I do love it when I can get to it. You definitely would find all kinds of oil here at my house….but, I think I may only have one type of vinegar, maybe 2. You would find about 10 BIG boxes of cereal (like from costco) in my pantry. They take up one entire shelf…..and that number is down from when I first met Kirk. I think he lived on cereal before me 😉

  6. I don’t have a pantry 😦 oh how i want one…..
    i have 2 kinds of oil and 2 kind of vinegar – but the one is like really old so not sure it is any good anymore – does vinegar go bad???

  7. I have such issues with the oil thing – it doesn’t keep very well (it gets that weird smell). I do, however, have a similar setup – one canola, one peanut, etc. I keep my olive oil in the fridge, though. People think it’s weird, but it stays fresher longer. Yes, it turns thick and waxy-looking, but if I know I’m going to use it, I set it on the counter for 30 minutes or so and it clears right up. As to the vinegar, I have apple cider, red wine, tarragon, plain white and balsamic. The funniest part of that is…vinegar gives me a stomach ache. Oy!!

  8. If you came to my house you would find Veg. Oil and Canola Oil along with White Vinegar and I use to have Apple Cider too but we are out!
    Thanks for the advice about Kindergarten it is so hard, the first of many decisions. 🙂
    I agree with you about the less clutter the better, you are correct that is what they always say on HDTV. 🙂

  9. Yes! I have all the vinegars listed and all but the peanut oil. You would also find a crazy variety of pastas and soups.

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