None of These Pictures Go Together

Just some random shots from around the house the last few weeks…

i don't think i mentioned on the blog that luke had a "book fair" of books he wrote and illustrated. adorable!

luke got creative with his bend-a-roos (his name and the shark are made out of them), and he also made this very friendly sign a while back.

jack henry LOVES this hat that the older boys got for christmas (we have 2), and puts it on all the time!

sheesh. someone needs to fold laundry! this drawer is generally full of kitchen towels and washcloths.

buddies! most of the time. jack is still getting used to sharing his mom and his stuff all day long.

several times a day, jack henry sits down to color and draw. just like his big brothers! love it!

this is what happens when your 2-year-old offers to help put away groceries. i seriously didn't notice this until later!

11 responses to “None of These Pictures Go Together

  1. I love these pictures!! Especially the one of JH and Will together! Super Cute!

  2. What happened to BABY Will? When did he become so toddler looking!?!?
    Great pics!

    • I know…he’s getting so big! But the way Jack Henry is sitting makes Will look deceptively close in size, which is not the case (luckily for Zach and Michon, or he would be one heavy baby to haul around!).

  3. Oh my goodness!! The picture of JH sitting at the table makes him look so grown-up!!!

  4. Luke’s creativity is just off the charts! So neat that he can express himself like that. 🙂

    JH — what’s not to love! 🙂 The very funny faces he gives you for the camera are great!!

  5. glad those are bend-a-roos and not markers.
    i found a box of oatmeal in my refrigerator yesterday and still haven’t figured out who the culprit was.

  6. at first i thought luke might have used marker on his door! i’m with sar, when did will get so big??

  7. cutest pic of will and JH!! heather’s right–he looks so grown up at the coloring table!!

    i wish i could have made it to luke’s book fair!

  8. I just can’t stand the books spread out on Luke’s floor–how cute–I also can’t stand that I didn’t make it over there for the “fair” . . . 😦

    I love JH’s hair in the coloring pic! And can’t believe he sit down to color–that is just so “big boy”!

    Like the others, I also thought the bend-a-roos were markers, but I couldn’t imagine Luke pulling that stunt!

    At least your garbanzo beans will stay nice & fresh.

  9. Um.. I always put my garbanzo beans upside down in my fridge. What are you complaining about?

  10. Obviously, Nicole, you are having a ball minding 4 boys! I would not have recognized Will if you had not identified him. Wow! With all that is going on with your family and now the pending move to the new house–keep your cool. You can do it!
    Love you all!

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