“Picture, Mommy!”

How can I refuse a request like that? (When he says it, though, it sounds like “chich-chure mommy.”)

Note that this was taken during a good moment today, when the Motrin was in full effect. Remember how I commented the other day that he only had one tube still in his ear? Well, that doc was wrong: he has two still in place (confirmed at the pediatrician this morning. Again.) and one of them is draining some nasty stuff, starting last night. Yay. The good times keep on coming.

9 responses to ““Picture, Mommy!”

  1. He’s too cute!

  2. We must shop alike. I have to laugh each time I see another picture on your blog of another article of clothing that one of my boys has too! Will has this shirt…we also have several other shirts that I’ve seen on here….as well as snow hats and Illini hats 🙂 Cute pic!!! and lovely taste in boys clothing 🙂

    • funny! i’ve noticed that on your blog, too! that shirt he’s wearing actually came from my friend (and cousin-in-law, which is what i’m going to call her from now on) kim!

      i accidentally shrunk that hat in the wash, and bennett is insisting on wearing it still. jack henry likes every hat he can get his hands on.

  3. Um, is that Matt? I’m just sayin’.

  4. he has my heart….

  5. gosh, he’s such a cutie.

  6. This might be my favorite picture of him! So cute!!

  7. I’m not seeing “Matt” as Karen mentioned, but I sure see a younger “Luke” here! What a ham!!!!

  8. Um. he is adorable! Hope that precious bug is feeling better. He’s taking it like a trooper.

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