That’s One Way to Solve a Problem

Yesterday morning, Jack Henry’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Laptop stopped working, and he called out to me, “Mom! Batt-ees!” Bennett confirmed that yes, indeed, the batteries needed to be changed, and that he wanted to be the one to do it.

I let him go to the kitchen and match up batteries to find the size he needed, and I guided him through how to put the new ones in. Jack Henry assisted with putting the little plastic cover on the back, and we were set! Except we weren’t. The toy wouldn’t work. I looked all over the place for some kind of on/off switch (other than the one we were using) and didn’t find one.

So I tried another set of new batteries. Still wouldn’t work.

I got out a talking Lightning McQueen toy, and replaced the batteries in it to make sure that our batteries weren’t bad, and they weren’t. So I tried THOSE batteries in the laptop. Still nothing.

I finally told Bennett that I would try to find the manual (which I don’t think I kept, as this is not a complicated toy) in our file cabinet or online. While I was doing that, Bennett walked into the office with a huge smile on his face and the laptop working.

“Mom!” he said. “I fixed it!”

“What did you do? Did you find a hidden switch?” I asked.

“Nope! I sitted* ** on it!”

Of course then I questioned whether he’d sat on it with the intention of that making it work, and he confirmed that he did. I thanked him for his ingenious effort, but asked that he please not sit on other things that aren’t working before checking with me first!

*Note to self: teach him the past tense of “sit.”
**On second thought, don’t teach him that. He won’t be saying it much longer, and it’s cute.

5 responses to “That’s One Way to Solve a Problem

  1. Brilliant. My kids have never tried something so gentle. They usually resort to banging…

  2. wouldn’t it be nice if fixing anything meant a simple sit?

  3. I have a few broken toys I’m off to sit on!

  4. Rebecca and I both think that’s hilarious. And brilliant.

  5. Way to go Bennett already helping around the house that is great!
    I hear ya on the past tense thing Claire says things like that too, we were playing a game the other day and she started yelling ” I win, I win” being a teacher I immediately corrected her with “You won”, but it is so cute.

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