This Does Not Bode Well. UPDATED

Disclaimer: Yes, Jack Henry’s hair is RIDICULOUS. Olivia came down to do haircuts at our place last week, but JH was sick and already in bed and super-crabby, so I just skipped his. We’re going to try and make it happen this week! His hair, even when not so overgrown, totally has a mind of it’s own, and 10 minutes under a stocking cap, which he wears daily for a multitude of reasons (mostly his), makes it even more wild.

UPDATED TO ADD: My friend Suzanne had her boys make Jack Henry a little encouragement video that is so cute…you have to go take a look at it!

10 responses to “This Does Not Bode Well. UPDATED

  1. Um good luck with that. Bailey actually told me “I’m too little. I’ll pee on the potty when I’m five.” So far, she’s stuck to that. She’ll be three in two months (WHAT???) and still not much interest. Other than wanting to wear underwear as a fashion statement for a few minutes at a time. With high heels. And nothing else…

  2. Oh. my. gosh. This is HILARIOUS!!!! I know it’s not to you, but I couldn’t stop laughing. Good Luck with that.

  3. hahah. ok this is hilarious for many reasons but especially because i JUST took a video of adali asking her the same thing and she gave the same “no, no, no no’s” they say it like your so crazy for even asking!

  4. This cracked me up!!! Hilarious! Katie agrees to it – but i just get a mess in return! she does not really “get it” yet – but the sign of the moon is Feb 8 – 12 so we are going to give it a try and see how it goes….

  5. you’re going to have a lot of fun w/ that one. just remember, it’ll be the last time you’ll have to do that.
    luke and kenny just made jh a video message. i’ll try to download it tonight.

  6. HI-larious! I see this resurfacing right about his wedding time! I like that he makes a face like he’s really thinking about it and, no, it’s just not going to work out.

  7. I’m just croaking!! I think his expression & tone look & sound like Bennett about the last 10+ seconds. This one is gonna test your faith, for sure!!

    That video from Luke & Kenny is such a cute idea–I’ll bet JH loved it!

  8. So stinking cute. I laughed out loud.

    Ah, the blessing and curse of free will.

  9. His words are funny but his expressions are over-the-top hilarious! Oh my goodness!

    I love that Suzanne’s boys are trying to help this process. So sweet!

  10. How funny is that! He is just too cute! Katie is just learning “no no”. Ahh – things to look forward to….

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