First Glimpse

Here are some quick snapshots I took this morning at the new house during our inspection! Commentary on each picture.

17 responses to “First Glimpse

  1. looks very nice! I can’t believe the wallpaper will be torn down….. really – you might want to rethink that one…… 😉
    is the back yard big? Double car garage? What kind of number hooks? Seriously — I have been on an HGTV kick – so I have so many more questions then these – just like I do when they don’t show me enough on the shows that I want to see!!
    Can’t wait to hear/see more about the new house! Very exciting!

  2. It looks great!!! Hope all goes well, I can volunteer Brian to help move in if you need help:) Excited for you guys!!!

  3. Love it!! I’m so excited for you…you’ve been waiting for this for so long.

  4. Wow! That house looks amazing! I am so jealous!!! Can’t wait to see all of the after pics! 🙂

  5. Love the house! Congrats!

  6. Very cool!

  7. SO happy for you!!!! I think your master bath may be the size of my master bedroom!!!

  8. Oh, I’m so excited for you guys! It’s so fun to move into a new house and get to do things exactly the way you want them! Have fun! I, too, am interested in these number hooks from pottery barn that you talk about…..

  9. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Love it! That’s going to be such a great house for you guys! LOVE the kitchen especially! 🙂 CONGRATS AGAIN!

  11. yeah! i’m so excited for you guys! hearing you talk about all of this makes me get just a little bit excited to start looking at houses. i haven’t let myself look that far forward yet and we still have many hurdles to get over before that step but it’s fun to see you get excited about it.

    i’m also glad that you saw past a lot of the cosmetic things you would need to change to make it your own.

    just curious…are you making the offer contingent on selling your place?

    • no, we bought with no contingency. which is risky, we realize. but we’re really praying that the perfect seller will come along quickly!

      in the new house, we loved the layout and it really helped that the kitchen choices, while not exactly what i would have picked, were chosen well (it’s so annoying to go into a house where they’ve spent money on granite and then it’s ugly). anything they updated (wood floors, tile in bathrooms) they did a good job on!

  12. I’m so excited about this! I can already start to picture your family in this house! I think the features & layout will be just about perfect. 🙂

    Praying for the right buyer for your old house . . .

  13. So pretty! Congrats you guys!

  14. LOVE IT!!! I’m so excited for you guys!!

  15. For your closets, go to They have Murphy beds, too, which are SO cool, and might be great for the boys’ bedroom because they make valuable floor space available for cars, etc.. They also do home offices, laundry rooms, they are VERY reasonably priced and have many styles and finishes to choose from. (Does this sound like a testimonial? I have a friend who works for this company!) 🙂 SO excited for you and your new house. I want one, too!!

  16. BEAUTIFUL! I love it! Congrats!

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