Today I…

…had a “for sale” sign placed in my front yard. In the next day or so, the “coming soon” part will be removed and we’ll be in business! Anyone want to buy a vacation home in lovely suburban St. Louis?

…went to Luke’s school performance for 1st and 2nd graders. Very cute, but the gym was PACKED. Like crazy-packed, sitting uncomfortably-close-to-strangers packed. We could have sat in the reserved seats since I helped a bit with the program, but we didn’t get there as early as planned (for reasons I won’t blog about to avoid embarrassing a child of mine in the future) and Matt didn’t know we had reserved seats and he got to the gym first. Oh well. It was fun!

…discovered, thanks to Jack Henry needing something to do at the performance, that I apparently have a little fat/loose skin on my neck that is good for pinching if you’re a 2-year-old.

…drove to DQ in the rain and in my pj’s and slippers, because ice cream sounded good. It’s been a wild week getting the house ready for sale, so I rationalized needing Blizzards.

…was thankful that “The Office” was new tonight, and pretty funny.

…made some fun summer plans!

…listened to my two younger boys play with their baby cousin, and laughed at their laughter.

…prayed for several people I know who are going through rough times.

…shopped online for comforters. And drawer pulls.

…found out that Jack Henry’s tubes are now BOTH out of his eardrums, and that a third set of tubes and an adenoidectomy are likely in his future (we had a regularly-scheduled ENT appointment today where I got the bad news). I am praying that he just makes a miraculous turn around in the next 6 weeks and the doctor changes his mind.

…decided to go to bed at a decent hour.

6 responses to “Today I…

  1. This gave me some smiles . . . until I got to the part about JH’s ears. 😦 I will start praying about this!

  2. that stinks about jh and his ears. we’re in the same boat w/ kenny (minus having adnoids out since he’s already done that).
    you had a very productive day!

  3. I also stopped by DQ for a blizzard last night. I got a small, but once I got home, I wished I had gotten a larger size. I had to work until 8 so I felt like I deserved a reward.

  4. Jill (thebaglady)

    I’m laughing at the neck pinching! …only because I have very similar experiences.

    Going to bed not-past-your-bedtime is always a good thing.

  5. That’s a busy day. I thought the Office was great, too! ANd great, now I want a blizzard.

  6. OMg girl. What a full plate!!! Madison had her adenoids and tonsils out last summer. Reagan will likely get her out this summer. Best thing we’ve ever done. Let’s talk more tomorrow.

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