Sadly, This is a True Story.

The scene was lunchtime today. I had just served up some pipin’ hot mac and cheese a few minutes prior. Bennett hadn’t eaten any yet because it was too hot.

I went over to the table.

I said, “Let me stir this for you to help it cool off.”

Then I took a bite to check that it was ok to eat.

And then Bennett said, “Did you know that I spit in there to cool it off?”


I so wish this wasn’t true. But it is. And he swore that it was the first (and last) time he’s ever spit in his food.

12 responses to “Sadly, This is a True Story.

  1. Thank you Bennett for my laugh of the day! PRICELESS!!!

  2. Claire can’ t stand it when it is hot either, we must stir and blow on it for what seems like 15 minutes. You have us beat though with the spitting. 🙂

  3. This is, by far, the funniest thing I’ve hear ALL DAY!!! Hilarious, that Bennett! Gosh, I loved this story.

  4. SUPER!!! (Oh well, just think of all the slobbery kisses through the years!)

  5. OH NO! I am cracking up!

  6. So, like, did it cool the food off or what? I’m thinking this might be an efficient tactic.

  7. hahahahahaha, soo glad it happened to you and not me..

  8. that is a great one! so gross but so funny.

  9. Haha! Yep. That sounds about right…

  10. That is nasty, but at the same time, hilarious.

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