10 Things About Selling Our House

1. I’m so, so very thankful that it went fast.

2. Because keeping a house clean with this many people living in it isn’t easy.

3. And there’s not much you can do with a bunch of sick little kids when you have to leave the house for hours at a time.

4. I am actually quite comfortable with the fact that we live in a state of semi-clean (or semi-filth, if you’re a glass-half-empty kind of person) 99% of the time, unless we’re having company. See #2 above.

5. A big shout-out to one of the first people through our house who thought it smelled faintly of urine in the back of the house. Thank you so much for that helpful feedback that had me calling my mother-in-law, a close friend, and real estate agent, asking them to please, PLEASE be honest with me and tell me if they have ever smelled that in my house. Remember, this is me, the person who smells things when they aren’t there. I freaked out about this for a bit and then bought some lovely air fresheners and got over it.

6. It should be noted that the person who gave the above feedback also wondered if our 2-car garage was big enough for 2 cars. 2 Hummers? No. 2 Corollas? Yes.

7. Thank you, God, for our buyer not being the people from #5 and 6…I’m thinking they might not be easy to work with.

8. We got some really nice feedback from other people who weren’t interested, though.

9. My kids knocked my socks off with their flexibility about leaving the house (we had like 16 showings in 9 days’ time plus an open house) and their ability to just go with the flow.

10. Did I mention…we have a buyer!! Inspection is tomorrow. So prayers are, of course, appreciated, as we hope they don’t find any hidden issues.

11 responses to “10 Things About Selling Our House

  1. Congratulations!!! Great News…. well about the sale – not about the urine odor… wth??!? šŸ™‚

  2. I’m still absolutely floored how fast you guys got a contract!!! praying the inspection goes smoothly!!

  3. That’s AMAZING. It unheard of (at least around here) for a house to go that fast. Awesome.

  4. i agree – you guys are so lucky that your house sold so fast. the process is a pain in the butt but so worth it in the end.

  5. Jill (thebaglady)

    Great news!! That was FAST!

  6. Very exciting on the sale of your home!

  7. like i said in my email…you made that look so easy! 16 showings in 9 days in UNBELIEVABLE! big props to your real estate agent too!

  8. Prayers things go as smoothly as they have! Congrats to you 2 and your grow-old-together home!

  9. I *wish* I would have saved a feedback form that someone filled out for my condo in STL. I had a cemetery nearby (granted, not *that* close. . . not on the same street, and probably five blocks away?). The lady wrote a bunch of crazy comments about the cemetery, and freaked out about it not being fung shui. I wish that I could quote her comments verbatim. . . It was entertaining.

    I’ve never noticed your house smelling like a nursing home. I’m pretty sure those people brought the smell with them. šŸ™‚

  10. Our carpet cleaner told me a few months ago that he thought he smelled urine and asked if I wanted him to add a deoderizer to the floors. Umm…yeah.

    Upon further thought, though, his claim of smelling urine earned him an extra thirty bucks so…

    Congrats on getting a contract so quckly! PRaise God!!!

  11. Congrats Nicole! This is great news. And the fun part starts now! Love the shopping update – great stuff.

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