Little Sailor

Jack Henry’s vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds, which is wonderful and amazing and I love it. He’s even started calling Bennett “Bennett” instead of “Nennett”!

However, a couple of problems are developing.

1. He repeats things that he hears his brothers say. This usually isn’t an issue, but recently, Bennett quoted a line from the movie “Elf” and got reprimanded for it, as it was something that doesn’t sound very nice coming out of a little boy’s mouth. He hasn’t said it again, and we don’t usually have a problem with this with either of the two older boys (yet). However, Jack Henry happened to be nearby when Bennett said this line, and he’s repeating it over and over again. And while it’s hilarious, it’s just not appropriate. So if you hear him say “son, yut-cahcah” know that it’s really “son of a nutcracker” and don’t laugh at him where he can hear you, k?

2. His mispronunciation of words leads to cackles from Matt and me all the time (that we hide from him when possible), but if he says some of these things in public, someone is going to call the authorities on us for his pottymouth. These are especially bad:
socks (especially because he usually says “socks off”)
set (as in “ready, set, go!”)
Schnucks (especially because he usually says, “Schnucks! Yeah!” meaning he wants to go there and get a cookie)

I will let you use your imagination to think about what these actually sound like when vocalized by my 2-year-old. Video evidence would just be inappropriate for a family blog.

We really didn’t deal with this much with Luke and Bennett, so I feel unprepared for this little sailor I’m apparently raising.

6 responses to “Little Sailor

  1. Jill (thebaglady)

    Welcom to the club. That poor 3rd child…. What’s really hard around here is keeping the older 2 from laughing in font of #3.

  2. I guess I’m just going to have to stay really far away from JH because he always makes me laugh anyway and I’m just completely out of practice at stifling laughter at toddler antics. 🙂 But as you said at the top, how cool that his language skills are growing so quickly!

  3. I think these verbal antics are funnier w/ JH because he didn’t talk at all for so long–and just cause he’s the “baby”!

  4. This got my husband and I laughing! We have had the same problem with our little ones. 🙂

  5. he he he he he…the one time I’m glad we don’t live close because I wouldn’t be able to follow the “don’t laugh” rule.

  6. So dang funny. When my kids do that I seriously feel the junior high kid coming out in me. The best is when my husband has no idea why it’s wrong and i do. {yeah I grew up in the hood:)}

    You are an angel. Seriously. An answer to prayer. I”ve been praying about finding a book about grief for littles. THANK YOU so much for your suggestion. I’ll be ordering that. Pain is so universal. I’m sure your mama had much to do with the woman you are today, I so look forward to one day meeting her. Thank you for your sweet comments. They always make my heart smile.

    And yes, we do know each other. 🙂 Always a joy friend. Always.

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