And Now, for the Fun Part

Of buying a new house, that is.

I have generally refrained from buying new stuff for this house we’re currently living in (with the exception of comforters, etc for the boys’ rooms and a few small things here and there), knowing all along that we were not staying here forever. So literally, I’ve been waiting years for this time to arrive. The time to shop.

I’m so excited that I have to share some of my finds with you, bloggy friends!

First up: spare bedroom. We’ve not had an actual spare room for quite a while, but we do have a mattress/boxsprings and bed frame (which my dad made for me when I was little!) that I am going to be repainting, a little bedside table that I’ll be painting, the dresser that our boys used in their nursery but we no longer have a need for, and our old rocking chair (I can’t part with it even though no babies need to be rocked anymore). So for furniture, we’re set. For bedding, I bought this on an incredible Black Friday deal last year, from KMart of all places:

This is the girliest room in the house! Sorry to our male guests.

I found this lamp today at my favoritest store EVER, HomeGoods.

there's no overhead lighting in the spare bedroom, so we NEED lamps.

In the master bedroom, we’re keeping our furniture but getting new bedding. After much debate, online and brick-and-mortar shopping, we’ve decided on this set. Except that the pillows are a tad boring, so I got a couple from Target (my other favorite store) that I like, and I might use the bolster from the Penney’s set.

This is going to go on the wall in our room:

That is, if the Mr. likes it, too. UPDATED: He likes it! That way we can accent with some orange in the room as well. Which I know sounds weird, but I think we can make it work. And our bathroom is getting a similar green/brown/white treatment, so it will coordinate but not match. Thank you, HomeGoods, for the tons of towels.

Jack Henry’s room is getting a makeover, too, but it’s going to have to wait because of the complicated painting I want to do in there. I saw an MLS listing and copied the picture a while back, and I found the comforter in the pictures totally by chance at Target last weekend. I freaked out, because I was sure it was a Pottery Barn Kids quilt that wasn’t being made anymore and that I was just going to have to improvise. But no! Here is it. Behold the cuteness.

The boys’ bathroom will have this shower curtain that I stressed over majorly for some reason…I’m usually pretty decisive about things but I wasn’t this time.

Main floor half bath will be painted (oh, and I haven’t mentioned it yet, but nearly every room is getting paint) a light cocoa color to go with these towels. Here’s a picture of some little things to hang on the wall in that bathroom with one of the towels. I promise it coordinates better in person.

In the “we’ll be assembling some furniture” category, we have these stools for the kitchen bar.

Now, I need to go spend some serious alone time at the paint store getting swatches and making some decisions on that front. It’s been a fun couple of days! This part is making the exhausting hours and days of prepping our house for market and the showings totally worth it.

14 responses to “And Now, for the Fun Part

  1. I absolutely can’t believe, considering how “contemporary” isn’t my style, how much I totally love every single thing you’ve shown here! (OK, the bar stools aren’t me, but they are very sharp & everyone will like.)

    First, can you believe how much I love the wall hanging for your b.r.? Love the idea of being able to bring in some orange accents! Hope Matt likes it!

    Totally love JH’s bed quilt! Perfect!

    More geometrics–the towels for the main floor bath–love them, as well as the little wall things. I shocked myself by picking a contemporary pattern for in our bathroom, so maybe my taste isn’t all “old lady”!

    The spare b.r. bedding–I think it’s a perfect mix of not too masculine OR feminine! And I don’t know why Matt wouldn’t like the lamp, as you mentioned on FB!

    And the one thing you hesitated over–the boys’ shower curtain–I don’t know why!

    This is all so exciting! I can’t imagine picking out all this stuff–as the queen of indecision, I would have to ask at least 20 people for their opinions and then would have a nervous breakdown deciding anyway!

    • I agree with Nana Jo – I would have a total nervous breakdown doing this – but you are making such great choices and doing it SO FAST!! Good for you – and by the way – you are HIRED to help me make my choices with my upcoming home expansion! 🙂

  2. it all looks great – how fun for you. we’re in the same boat on needing furniture but waiting for our next house. we need a new bedroom set very badly but we’re just going to have to wait.

  3. I can’t wait to see the after pictures! I’m loving it all so far….and totally jealous! I love furnishing a house!

  4. I absolutely LOVE the spare bedroom accessories and bedding! Totally cute lamp, and I know this first hand because my mom just bought us the same one for my guest room, only in green!! Clearly an excellent choice, it will look fabulous! :o)

  5. How lame is it that I let out a VERY audible gasp when I saw that lamp? And then the big circle pic!!! TO DIE FOR!!!! I unconditionally love both! 😉

  6. Funny! I have very boring lamps. I’ve recently noticed this and need to spruce that dept. up at my house. That one is great! And I love everything else!

  7. i’m so happy that you get to do this! I can’t wait to see it all put together. You have to be getting excited!!

  8. Oh my gosh, I’m so jealous! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE everything!!! My favs are the lamp and the print for your bedroom. I really LOVE that print!

    So, the thing I most can’t wait to see?….this painting you talk about in Jack Henry’s room. Cause, I’m a girl that LOVES to paint and do different things in bedrooms! CAN’T WAIT!!!!

    Have fun!

  9. Wow Nicole!! How fun! I don’t know that there is anything more exciting for a girl then setting up house. It seriously is my most favorite thing to do. Just reading this post pumped me up!

    And oh, how I miss Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge, and SteinMart etc. We have Marshall’s here…but that is the closest thing. Although the gals and I have discussed a roadtrip down to Portland, OR simply so we can go to Homegoods and shop… that desperate?

    LOVE and ADORE the lamp! Tres chic!

  10. Wha?!??! This is fabulous. So great my friend.

  11. LOVE your style! love all the bedding and contemporary designs 🙂 how fun!!! i have found that living in a loft has limited my ability to do lots of fun house decor shopping like this! someday…


    How exciting!! I absolutely love to pick out accessories for rooms. We just finished a complete renovation of our bathroom and kitchen. I picked out the towels and rugs for the bath in such a hurry because we were having company and I needed to make up my mind quickly. Don’t know if I made a good decision. I think that you have made some very good choices!! Love the spare bedroom. I didn’t even realize that you had bought a house. I have been so busy with my own painting etc. Don’t do what I did. I painted, with Angie’s help the bathroom at 10:00 at night. The next morning, I hated it, so ran to town and got a different shade of blue and at 5 a.m. the next morning, I repainted it before the carpenters came to set the cabinets. I will continue reading your posts now to see where the house is and how big etc. CONGRATULATIONS ON FINDING YOUR HOUSE!!!!

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