I’ve been thinking so much about my mom lately…primarily, I think, because we’re going through a major life change without her here. I’d so love for her to be able to see the new house and experience this time with us.

I asked Bennett today if he had any actual memories of my mom…not things that he knows about Nana just because he’s heard us talk about them or seen pictures. After all, he was just over 3 when she died; I wasn’t sure how clear his recollections of her would be.

He immediately said, “I remember 2 things for sure. One is that we baked cookies and muffins with Nana a lot. And sometimes mac and cheese. The other one I remember is her reading lots of books to us. Especially at bedtime when we spent the night at her house.”

I was beyond pleased that he had his own memories of her! I don’t know that they’ll last to adulthood, but I’m happy that they’re there now. And I know that Mom would love to know that she’s remembered for baking and reading with him.

Now, off to read with my two little guys before napping/quiet time. My mom would be so proud of Bennett’s emerging reading skills πŸ™‚

19 responses to “Memories

  1. Hugs to you, Nicole. I pray for you often with regard to your mom.

    I’ve been thinking about my dad a huge amount lately for no apparent external reason at all. Unfortunately, neither of my girls can have any memory of him. So I tell lots and lots of stories about him. Last week I was relating stories in the car and Rebecca concluded with, “I think I would have liked him.” Yes, you would have, dear girl.

  2. *tears* I have thought of this as you begin this change. She would be so excited for you guys. And bless Bennett’s heart for giving you what you need to hear.

  3. I think of your mom when I am baking, because that is what she did. When I see a loving and patient mother, I think of your mom because that is what she was. She taught me a lot! Lucky for your boys that they get the trickle down effect of your mother, because you too have these wonderful “mom” qualities. The house sounds perfect for your family, enjoy!!

  4. What sweet memories to have. To know that she loved them enough to spend time with them cooking and reading. So precious.

  5. I know major events will likely always bring a longing for your mom. After my grandmother died, my mom told me that it doesn’t matter how old you get, you will always long for your mom. Praying for you, friend.

  6. So many times when I’m with the boys, I think of your mom and grieve that she didn’t get to stay here longer–much longer–and that your kids didn’t get nearly as many years w/ Nana as they should have.

    After 38 years, I sometimes still tear-up when I let myself think about how my kids & my parents never knew each other, esp. now that I’m a grandparent & know the sheer joy of that role!

  7. even though he may not have a lot of memories, those are 2 really good ones to have.

  8. very sweet and emotional post. so many people still think of and have great memories of your mom and it is so wonderful bennett still has those memories of her as well. just know your mom is with you in many more ways during this change than any of us can comprehend.

  9. I agree with Jamie – I like to think your mom has a front row seat looking down on you and sharing all the excitment of the new house from up in heaven!

    So glad that Bennett has such fond memories of your mom.

    She was a great lady!!

  10. Hugs, Nicole. What a sweet, sweet boy, that Bennett. I love his memories.

    I’m with everyone else in that I know your Mom is SO excited for you and watching every step you take and every decision you make. I think of her lots.

  11. I just found your blog, I was looking in archives of “Rocks in my Dryer” and found your guest post from December of 2008. That was my first Christmas without my mom too. She died in January, 2 days before my 27th birthday and also 2 days before my oldest son’s 8th birthday. I am told it get easier and I wait for that day. I still reach for the phone to tell her something that the kids learned to do or when they are having an event at school but she isn’t there. I feel your pain and if you ever need a virtural shoulder to cry on you can call on me.

  12. Bennett has such a big heart and I can see when I’m around him that he’s a thinker…. I know your mother would agree and be very proud of all of your children…. We all miss her… I can’t tell you how much I miss her…

  13. What a sweet post. I can’t remember if you’ve done anything like this or not. . . but have you thought about doing a shutterfly book with pictures of your mom for the kids?

    Sending prayers and your way. . . πŸ™‚

  14. Oh, Nicole, I am so praying for you right now. I was just thinking of your mom this week. I was remembering you moving into your current house – I was pregnant with Norah so I wasn’t a lot of help with boxes. Your mom, Jo, and I (as well as others) were unpacking boxes in the kitchen and chatting away.

    What great memories for Bennett to have!!

  15. I’m so glad he has those memories…. hugs to you.

  16. Your sweet boy has a wonderful place for his Nana in his heart!

  17. Aww, this post got me teary eyed. I am glad Bennett got to know your mom.

    I always get that hole in my heart when I’m shopping for the girls’ clothes. I know my mom would have loved to picked out outfits for them.


  18. SO happy to hear Ben has memories of her.
    I thought about her too when I heard the news that you guys got the house and how great it would be for her to be there and help in this exciting time….
    I think about her many times everyday….She is definitely missed more than words can say!

  19. How precious! Your mom is watching over all of you, interceding for you, loving you, and enjoying all that she sees from above. I remember well the last time she brought us over to see you all in your present home and still have the picture of you and her with Jack Henry. The tears still come.

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