Favorite Commercials

Thanks for all of the nice comments on yesterday’s post, everyone! 🙂
I have a couple of commercials that I have to share, in case you haven’t seen them!

This Old Spice one is everywhere, but man, it’s hilarious.

And this Taco Bell one? Matt and I were both cracking up. (I strongly advise against going over to the youtube page and reading the comments…for some reason, they’re especially foul.) And I’m going to pretend like I haven’t tried the $0.89 burrito mentioned in this ad and also pretend that it is not good, because then I may want one.

7 responses to “Favorite Commercials

  1. I’ve seen that Taco Bell one before but NEVER that Old Spice commercial! Rebecca and I had to watch that one twice. Hilarious!

  2. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog, Nicole. I continue to pray for you and your family. Death rather sucks, doesn’t it? Hang tuff.

    By the way, I look just like the guy in the “Old Spice” commercial. (that was hilarious!)

  3. I love Taco Bell but haven’t been there for YEARS. This made my mouth water.

    Like most people, I’ve seen the O.S. commercial a ton of times but think it’s a hoot every time. I actually sat for almost 20 min. & watched the YouTube video of how it was made–in real time, not photoshopped–it took 3 days of filming. Hate to admit I cared enough to sit that long & watch the 2 young guys whose brainchild it was explain it!

  4. TOO FUNNY, NICOLE! Renay and I were out last night and she literally pulled the Old Spice one on her phone for me to see. LOVE it!! Great advertising!

  5. That is beyond funny! I was JUST talking about the old spice ad last night and only 1 other person had seen it (as you can see…I made Karen watch it on my phone!). My husband is totally annoyed at me because I make him stop fast forwarding through commericals every time I see that it’s on. I seriously almost posted it on my blog!

  6. Nicole, Sharon looked at me and then at the man in the towel. Back to me, back to the man in the towel. Just as he said, she looked again at me and then back to the man in the ad. After several repeated back and forths, she had to give in and say that I didn’t look like him. But I have stayed in a Holiday Express!

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