Start! Heart Walk

Through Matt’s employer, our family is participating in the American Heart Association’s Start! Heart Walk on May 15. We are planning to bring the boys along with us on the walk through Busch Stadium and downtown St. Louis, on what is hopefully a lovely spring day!

First, some quick facts from the AHA:
*Heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases are our nation’s #1 killer.
*These diseases claim more than 870,000 American lives a year.
*70% of Americans don’t get enough exercise, contributing to the above-mentioned diseases.

Of course, part of a fund-raising walk includes fund-raising. And I’m competing with my husband. Because that’s who I am. I think it’s probably good for my heart to be competitive, right?

You can help me in one of two simple ways!

1. You can sign up to join our team as a walker. You could have your very own fund-raising webpage (lucky duck!) and walk with us on May 15. You can set your own fund-raising goal.

2. Or, you can visit my page and make a tax-deductible donation. And help me cream Matt in the fund-raising department. Especially because he made a donation for our family and put it all in his name before I joined the team. So I’m starting out with a handicap.

Many thanks for your help!

2 responses to “Start! Heart Walk

  1. We’ll be in Alabama! I really wanted to! The kids would have loved that. Heart disease hits close to home for us too.

  2. How cool–and how exciting for the boys to participate! Hope you (both) raise a gob of $$$!!!

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