Flashback: Table for 5

This was originally posted in March 2008, and I just couldn’t believe the differences in the boys in 2 years’ time! Check out baby Jack! Note the Bennett story, and my obvious sarcasm at what parenting him was like at this stage. Sigh.

We have not gone out to eat much since Jack Henry was born…it just seems way too overwhelming to be fun. But tonight, we decided to be brave and take the boys to Fortel’s for pizza. Kirk and Sonya, I know your mouths are watering right now! (If you aren’t in St. Louis and you’re thinking it’s that crappy, provel cheese “St. Louis style” pizza, you’re wrong…this is good stuff.) We only get pizza from there once or twice a year, because, DANG, it’s kinda expensive for pizza. But so good. Matt and I had the Jan’s Taco Deluxe Pizza because, really, what’s a pizza if there’s no Doritos on top. The boys love that they get pizza slice plates to take home with them.

Jack Henry did this the whole time.



Jack Henry got a new bib. It’s my favorite ever, I think. Camo is very popular in our house.


Luke and Jack pose…Bennett would have joined them for this rockin’ picture, but he was in time-out for trying to bite my hand as I got him out of the van when we got home. Why? Because he’s Bennett.


I did get this shot of him, which I think is hilarious. He had to wear boxers today to be like Dad. He looks like such a little man!


3 responses to “Flashback: Table for 5

  1. Oh Yum to baby Jack. (sniffle)

  2. 🙂 I love all these pictures

  3. I absolutely CANNOT remember JH ever looking like this! What a hoot!

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