Weekend Update

-Jack Henry peed in the potty for the first time. And immediately demanded candy after he did it…we’ve been trying to psych him up for this for a long time! I’m not really planning to potty train him until this summer
-I made The Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls (except I didn’t make the maple frosting, I just did buttercream, because I cannot bring myself to put coffee in anything), and she isn’t kidding, they’re the best you’ll ever eat. Amazing. The recipe makes 50 cinnamon rolls, so I stuck several pans in the freezer and baked three pans (two of which went with us on Saturday, just so you don’t think we ate that many ourselves. But we could have.).
-We ran a few errands as a family after Matt got home, and finished by having dinner at Bellacinos, where this exchange occurred:
Me: “Bennett, use your napkin, not your sleeve.”
Bennett: “I was using my pants, not my sleeve.”
-Watched Jimmy Fallon close out Friday night’s Olympics coverage with this hilarity. (The best part starts about a minute into the video.)

-We FINALLY got to drive up to Springfield to see our niece, Calla Grace! Many of you don’t know that she was hospitalized for about two weeks after her birth due to some problems with her blood pressure, which have been taken care of. Matt and I each took a trip up to see her while she was in the NICU, but hadn’t held her yet, and the boys hadn’t seen her at all. Illness kept us away for a couple of the weekends since then, so we were really happy to go on Saturday! Pictures at the end of this post. Calla is a sweetie and cooperated fully with her cousins holding and feeding her!

-Bennett had a birthday party at the bowling alley
-Dinner at McAlister’s, my new favorite inexpensive place to feed the whole fam for well under $20
-Small group 🙂 Where we ate another pan of cinnamon rolls.

10 responses to “Weekend Update

  1. I can bear witness to the yumminess of the cinnamon rolls, and I had them nuked, rather than fresh baked! Awesome!

    Not having seen the boys since Christmas, and then seeing JH with Calla, I thought he seemed about 6!!

  2. Wow! Looks like you guys had quite an exciting weekend!

    I just looked up the cinnamon rolls and read the hilarious instructions on how to make them… and can’t wait to try it… sometime when Bryan isn’t home to have a stroke at the sight of the tornado kitchen it promises to create.

    I just can’t get over how much Calla has grown!!! I bet the boys were so excited to finally get to meet her… what cute pictures!!

  3. The boys look so grown-up holding Calla!!! She is beautiful!!

  4. I love your sense of style and creativity. Here’s is my blog info http://behrmans.blogspot.com/ I really don’t write much but you are inspiring me to do so. We will see. Tammy

  5. I have made the cinnamon rolls 3 times now. Trust me, you will get better at it each time you make them. This last time I even gave some away as christmas gifts. Don’t fret about the coffee. You can’t taste it at all.

  6. Wow… I’m excited about those cinnamon rolls. My mom usually makes hers with a simple powdered sugar glaze, but the maple frosting sounds delish!

  7. i totally agree – jimmy fallon was HILARIOUS. also, those cinnamon rolls look absolutely yummy (which could be dangerous).

  8. go jack henry!

    wish i was in springfield with everyone! sweetest pics ever!

  9. So your saying there’s more of those Cinnamon rolls! Pack ’em in dry ice and get shippin’! 🙂 Calla is absolutely beautiful!

  10. i had to stop reading this post when i saw the cinnamon rolls because it was too much of a temptation. having sweet issues right now. 🙂 i came back to say that andrea’s little girl is very cute! itty bitty! oh and i love JH with his hat on backwards. funny!

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