In Case You Missed It

A few quick hits, some light, some heavy. Blogging in bullets is very comfortable for me right now.

1. Compassion bloggers are in Kenya this week. I’ll be following through Kristen’s blog at We are THAT Family and Shaun Groves’ blog. Add them to your Google reader if they’re not there already. You won’t be sorry, and what they report will likely challenge your thinking. I’d love to someday go on one of these trips!

2. Lots of new recipes over at Three More Bites, including:
Corn Bread Deep Dish Pizza
Ravioli Veggie Soup
Alabama Cookies
Chicken Parmesan Pizza
Lasagna Bianco
Roast Pork Tenderloin

3. I had a moment yesterday where I freaked out a little about this whole “new house = new school” business. Deep breath. I’m still planning to post about this when I can.

4. Hannah posted a hilarious synopsis of what the show “The Bachelor” is like and I could not agree more! I am so not a fan, but I know many of you are. However, I think even if you watch the show you’ll find her analysis funny.

5. Luke just told me he was going to “go the extra mile” on his homework. He’s growing up too fast.

6. Biggest Loser last night = me not liking Michael any more. I’m all for game play, but that was just plain stupid (especially his comment to Daris and his mom about how he “just realized” that he’d split up mother and son – puh-leeze).

5 responses to “In Case You Missed It

  1. I was meaning to ask you: is it going to be a new school district too?

  2. Michael’s comment about Daris was such a lie. I laughed. I understand gameplay, but it all came back to bite him when his team lost and his “friend” went home. I always root for the underdogs, so it looks like I will be rooting for Jillian’s team once again.

    Sure, I would want to be on Bob’s team b/c of my weird crush on him, but Jillian has a great track record!

  3. God’s had you on my mind lately and I’ve been praying for you. Hope you are doing well. I’ve never been a mom (honest. I haven’t.) But I love your blog.

    Keep on walking, sistah….

  4. Can’t wait for Compassion bloggers! Been meaning to blog about our Christmas-time opportunity to sponsor a little boy in Kenya.

    Wish I could have gone with to meet him!

    BL – with you. Idiot.

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