A Taste of Spring

Jack’s finally old enough to really start playing at the park, which he got to do this afternoon when the families from our small group got together (not that I took any pictures of all the kids…sigh). Isn’t this adorable? Say yes. (Sidenote: when I did some practicum work in college at the child development center on campus, there were these two little kids that were good friends in my classroom. The boy would ask the girl, “Do you want to play (whatever)? Say yes.” ALL THE TIME! Hilarious.)

again with the eyelashes...why are his so long and mine so short?

laughing at his dad, who was looking through another porthole.

He’s still pretty tentative about several things, including that he hates the swing and isn’t too fond of the moving bridge-type climbing stuff, but he loves going up steps and walking across non-swaying bridges and sliding! Matt and I cracked up watching him try to have a conversation with a little boy he met at the park. He was also playing with another kid underneath the climbing structure, and the other boy kind of kept elbowing him (relatively gently) out of the way. Jack Henry came over to us after a few minutes, and I said, “Do you want to go back under there and play with that little boy?” He said, “No. Mean.” Another time when he changed his mind about a slide that seemed too big after he got up there, he moved his way through the crowd of kids in line behind him, saying, “‘scuse me, ‘scuse me” as he went down the stairs. Love. It.

And I loved this little bit of spring we got this weekend. Totally changed my blah attitude and made me ready to shed my hibernation pounds that I gained over the winter.

7 responses to “A Taste of Spring

  1. Hahaha! I love the quote from the little girl! I’ve never noticed how pretty JH’s eyes are. . . great shot!

  2. i know, i’m sooooo glad it’s been nice out the past few days. we needed it.
    love the ‘scuse me, ‘scuse me.

  3. he’s so yummy!

  4. Glad I am not the only one that picks up hibernation pounds!! I am ready to shed mine and my winter clothes wardrobe too!!

    JH is too cute!!

  5. Darling pics! I remember last year (fall?) when we were at one of Bennett’s(?) ball games and I took JH over to the playground instead–he was absolutely fearless!

    The sunshine this afternoon is glorious!! Please, please, please don’t “go Illinois” on us and snow again!!!!

  6. There is nothing better than watching a nubie navigate his way around things like playgrounds. SO CUTE, he is!

  7. What is it about this weather making us think about the hibernation pounds….I was JUST thinking that.

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