Cake ‘n Steak, Take 1

On Saturday night, my family started a new tradition that we dreamed up at Christmas (prompting my brother Zach to say that Cake ‘n Steak and Jesus have the same birthday).

In the past, we’ve always bought everyone a small gift on their birthday. But our family has grown to include in-laws, and this was getting expensive. Not to mention, we aren’t able to all get together as often as we’d like, so an excuse for a party is always welcome. We decided that we’d have two “Cake ‘n Steak” celebrations a year: once for the October-February birthdays (3 of them) and once for the June-August birthdays (4)…Dad still gets his birthday celebrated at Christmas, since his is December 23. We drew names just like we would at Christmas, and bought one larger gift for that person, and it got opened at the party if the party was for you. The hosts provided the steak, and everyone else brought food (I was the cake-bringer this time).

Zach and Michon hosted this inaugural event, and we had a ball, as is always the case when we’re all together. I heart my family. Pre-party emails included a note from Zach about how he was going to season the steaks and this message:

Please let me know if you’ve got any objections to such flavors and I can make sure to note that by writing your name on the steak with a Sharpie.

Fortunately, no one objected.

Here are some pictures of our evening!

4 responses to “Cake ‘n Steak, Take 1

  1. cake ‘n steak – that’s a new one but a great idea!

  2. It looks like the event was a huge success! Love the “naked table”!! 🙂 Poor Luke and that habitual extreme smile for the camera–and Bennett’s fall-to-spring chapped lips. 😦

    Wish I could hack off a huge slice of that cake, as well as dish up a pile of the fruit/pudding compote!

  3. THIS looks like a blast! So glad it was a fun time.

  4. Love this idea! I totally understand having come from such a large family. We usually celebrate all the month’s birthdays at once. But this is a great idea! Also, love the Zach comment about it having the same birthday as Jesus and Sharpie steaks 🙂 I would have been the one to object to something just to see him write on a steak w/ a Sharpie!

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