Don’t Hate Me Because It Was 74 Degrees Here Yesterday

It’s not today, though.  It’s only going to be in the low 60’s.

Yesterday, Luke raced in the door after school and asked to put on his shorts and t-shirt, and asked, “Is it warm enough for flip-flops?”  He’s been trying to wear them the last couple of weeks when it hits about 49 degrees and I’ve told him every time it needs to be 70.

Bennett kind of reluctantly changed into shorts and a tee, but was immediately glad he did.

Jack Henry took a bit of convincing on each step, but finally agreed to wear shorts and a tee.  And then yelled, “Mom! Need coat!” before going out to play.  It took a bit more urging for him to go outside without it, but he finally agreed.  He’s going to be mighty irritated when I have to put a coat back on him when it inevitably snows again.

everyone's in last year's shorts...and if it's warm between now and moving day, they will continue to be. so don't laugh if you see my kids and it's like a bad 80's flashback.

boys + will, who is almost ONE already!

In other news, Jack Henry proudly announced to me this morning that he made his toast into a letter M.  It’s kind of hard to tell, but he was right.

this was stage 2 of his 3 stage breakfast this morning: bowl of cereal, 2 pieces of toast, and a bowl of yogurt. thankfully he eats well in the morning, because the rest of the day usually isn't great.

10 responses to “Don’t Hate Me Because It Was 74 Degrees Here Yesterday

  1. Don’t laugh at me if you see my Katie – she is not following the same “sizing” in shoes that Abby did – except that she needs an extra wide – so currently the only shoes she has that fit are black fur boats – those really say “SPRING” A trip up to the stride rite outlet is in the works – just hope it works out to get there before i have to send her out in shorts and her fur boots! 🙂

    Cute pics of the boys!!

  2. I won’t hate you but I will be jealous! While spring may emerge earlier here in the PACNW, it takes FOREVER for it to warm up. We won’t see 74 degrees till the beginning of June!!!! Until then…I’ll take 55 and sunny…for the next 3 months. BLAH! Can’t wait for my visit in April to quench my thirst for warmth!

  3. I just got kinda sad seeing that picture of your boys by the “picture tree” in your front yard…and then thinking about the big move! Think the new owners will let you come take pictures by the tree??

    • We’ll have to find a new tree right away at the new house and designate it “the picture tree.”

      Or, if we don’t find one that seems suitable, we’ll just come back here on big occasions and take some pictures 🙂

  4. I was thinking the same thing about taking pictures of the boys by your tree!

    And, hello, Will is almost ONE? Did you really mean to write that cause that can’t be true. 🙂

  5. i totally agree with sonya–will is almost ONE??? i didn’t think about the “picture tree” until now! it will be so fun for them to go on car drives past the “old house” in the coming years!

  6. Park City, Utah.

    The land where winter is alive and well until mid-June.

  7. Hilarious how Bennett & JH were so tentative about breaking out the summer clothes! I threw caution to the wind yest & wore sandals to Walmart–it felt so good outside. And, yes, you’re right; there’s no way it’s really going to stay spring already.

    Jack Henry’s letter M toast!! 🙂

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