It’s Been a Good Week.

For a multitude of reasons. Lots of exclamation points to follow!!!!

a) We are one week closer to the closing on our new house.  Only 9 more days!

b) Jack Henry peed in the potty first thing every morning, and today he pooped!  I about fell over. Of course, he did poop again in his diaper 30 minutes later, but hey, this is still progress!

c) Matt found out this week that he won a pretty big award through work!  And the prize is that the two of us get to spend 3 nights in Laguna Beach in May at a really nice hotel.  And we have a formal dinner to attend, which means stressing out over buying a new dress that I’ll likely never wear again.  But I’m soooo excited for our trip and proud of my husband!

d) I booked our summer vacation!  This is the first time we’re traveling very far with the boys by car.  We’re taking them to the ocean for the first time this summer.  So excited to get to Gulf Shores! Also so excited that I no longer have to spend hours perusing VRBO for our rental. Love that you can rent great places from that site, but it needs to be more user-friendly.

Now, please participate in this poll to settle a dispute:

e) Kelli and I are heading to the Hearts at Home conference this afternoon through tomorrow.  Heather will be there, too, and several girls that go to our church. YAY for girl time!

f) It was so warm this week for two days. And it’s over, but still…it was a little energy boost to get me through to the real spring. And what was awesome about these days was that there were no mosquitoes yet and Luke’s allergies haven’t started acting up, so we were able to open the windows.

g) I bought this rug (in runner form), and even though I wasn’t sure about it at first, the more I look at it, the more I like it.

h) My kids are on spring break! Check back early next week to see if this is still a good thing.

11 responses to “It’s Been a Good Week.

  1. according to wikipedia the gulf is part of the atlantic…and we all know how reliable wikipedia is 🙂

    is it 1:00 yet???????

  2. so this has been one of the worst weeks of my existence. no exaggerating. seriously one of the worst weeks. and about an hour ago jastin and i were just discussing how we were thrilled it was over and that a new week will soon start. this post puts into perspective that my wanting for this week to be over could also be the end to someone’s really good week. but i’m sorry, i still REALLY want this week to be over.

    jastin and i were also talking about how warm days in february and march are sometimes even better than warm spring days because no allergies. believe it or not you guys had better weather than we did this week.

    like the rug! and i’m thrilled you and matt get to go on a trip. 🙂 oh and while the gulf is “technically” part of the atlantic in my opinion it’s not really. gulf side water and beaches are so different that the atlantic side. one is not better than the other (again in my opinion) just different. the boys will have a blast!

    and this has officially turned in to a novel. enjoy your girls weekend.

  3. The Laguna trip looks like it will be a blast! (Side note: when looking online at hotels….am I the only one that checks out the bathroom first?) Gulf Shores – love that too! We went to Gulf Shores when Austin was 6 months old with my ENTIRE family which at that time consisted of about 25 people. We had a ball! There is sooooooooooo much to do. 2 years ago, we went to Panama City, FL…..while I’ve been there before (SpringBreak) it was not as much fun as Gulf Shores. PC was not as clean nor as family friendly even though it was summer time not Spring Break time….Just wasn’t the same as other Gulf Shore areas. Angie Miller (used to be Angie Kemme – a couple years older than you in HS) lives in Pensecola now – If you have any specific questions, let me know I’m sure she would be glad to throw her opinion in 🙂

  4. AND on another side note…..Jamie – I almost left as long of a comment as you 🙂

  5. My eyes are tired after reading Sandy and Jamie’s comments……


    Glad you had a good week – horray on all accounts – jealous about the trips and the child who is interested in potty training!!

    The rug – i like! Good choice!

  6. Fun read! Even though I knew everything! (except that this starts spring break for you – wow – early!)

  7. Girls weekend, Jack Henry and the potty – both make me jealous. I would be jealous of your vacation, but I’m going there too this summer so that one’s OK. 🙂

    Love the rug! And, that’s an EARLY spring break!…ours doesn’t start until April 2nd…

  8. What a blessing!!! How awesome! I can’t wait to see the dress you buy!! congrats to JH!! I’m so impressed with his PT’g. I wish my kids were that early.

  9. The hotel looks uber-amazing! Can’t wait to hear all about that! Yay for you and Matt! You so deserve it! 😀

  10. ooohhh…I like the rug!

  11. So much good stuff! 🙂

    JH on the potty–wow!–can’t believe the peeing every morn, and I can just imagine your (& his) surprise at the poop!

    Now I am lusting over your new house AND your Laguna Beach vacation! (However, I will enjoy playing House Nana that week!) And speaking of your new house, where is the rug going–really like it!

    Will be eager to read a blog about your Hearts at Home conference.

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