Photo Dump

Just some pictures from around the house the last month or so! My picture files are a MESS again (what’s new…I clean them up, and then abandon them for months) and I’m getting pictures taken of things around the house for craigslist, so it’s just a picture kind of day today.

luke learned how to build a house of cards. note the crazy smile again and he's also displaying that he's inherited my winking eye.

bennett's idea!

he stood and watched me make breakfast for a long time one morning!

this was at the END of will's lunch a couple of weeks ago, right after he decided to start being picky about what he eats. happens to the best of them, doesn't it?

jack henry made sure to share his pretzels with elmo.

i caught jack henry watching a movie like this and thought it was cute 🙂

5 responses to “Photo Dump

  1. All totally cute – but favorite would have to be the extra short – extra cute “Peeping Tom” watching you make breakfast! Too cute!

    What are you listing on craigslist? ANything i might be interested in?!?! :- ) I love me a good bargain!

    • Well, so far I’ll be listing our old highchair (it’s in good shape, but needs a new vinyl cover – and Graco doesn’t make them anymore), our kitchen table (seats 4, solid oak, very country-looking, in desperate need of refinishing) and one of those big colorful cube play structures with a small slide. Probably nothing you’re interested in!

      And yes, that Peeping Tom is adorable, isn’t he?

  2. I remember watching TV on the couch laying exactly like that. Kids are too cute!!

  3. This is my favorite kind of post AFTER the ones w/ little snippets of cute things the boys say!

  4. They are so cute! That’s quite a house of cards Luke made!

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