Jack Henry’s learning how to wink…one of my favorite little stages. These quick videos were taken during one of the days that we had to be out of the house nearly the entire day while we had showings at the house. We stopped to drop a few things off at our storage unit, and Jack was so tired. We were listening to my current favorite Michael Buble song (I may or may not have a slight obsession with this video) and he was practicing his winking skills…

5 responses to “*Wink*

  1. I love the wide open mouth!! Too Cute.

  2. I like how when you ask, “Can you dance?” he starts bobbing his head! And the automatic “Cheese!” when you point the camera at him!

  3. Poor baby, he does looks so tired! That is adorable! (And great song!)

  4. OK, I love Jack Henry and think he’s a hoot! But I especially like THIS entry because of the Michael B. link!!

  5. you must open your mouth really wide when you wink, that’s the key to a good wink:) so cute!

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