Saturday, 9:30am. I needed a quick shower, the boys were playing something, and Matt had gone out to fulfill his coffee addiction and get the boys their Saturday morning donut.

I was getting ready to have a few peeps over for lunch, and had some premade, unbaked cookie dough (high class, I know…I bust out the finest for our guests) on a cookie sheet on the stove. I called Luke back to my room before I got in the shower.

I said, “I’m taking a really quick shower. You’re in charge for a minute. Do not touch the cookie dough on the stove, and do not answer the door for anyone.”

Luke said, “Why?”

And I replied (like we haven’t already talked about this eleventy-million times before), “You aren’t allowed to answer the door when an adult isn’t around. Same for the phone.”

Classic Luke reply: “What if Dad comes home? Can we let him in?”

10 responses to “Rule-Follower

  1. HAHAHAHAHA! He is nothing if not thorough. I mean, you DID neglect to mention that.

  2. Nothing more fun that a pedantic child, is there? 🙂 We have one here – and it doesn’t seem to get better with age…

  3. I just BURST out laughing at this!

  4. (I forgot to change my name back to Nana Jo, rather than Aunt Jo, after posting on Becca’s blog!)

  5. Depending on my mood at the moment – at times I would probably say no – don’t let him in either! :- )
    (speaking about my husband – not your matt!) 🙂

  6. HAHA I was going to say the same as Sara…um no.

  7. Sounds like my Luke. I would’ve followed that up with an eye roll.

  8. And was your answer “Only if he remembered Mom’s coffee”???? 🙂

  9. haha, so cute. i would have said…not unless he has fresh cut flowers in his hands. 🙂

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