New Normal

Well, at least for the next few weeks this is the new normal. Chaos. That’s the new normal.

All right, “chaos” might be stretching it a bit. So far, things are going as smoothly as they possibly can with a move. But upheaval is being felt in all areas of life, if I’m being honest.

We’re spending lots of time at the new house, and most of it is lots of fun. In addition to the wallpaper removal already mentioned here, a bathroom has been painted courtesy of Robin, I’ve started priming an old oak bathroom cabinet, lots of not-our-taste curtains have been removed, we’ve hired a painter to paint the tall-ceilinged rooms in our house, and furniture has been assembled. Additionally, I’ve been trying to make what has become the hardest decision of my life, AKA what knobs will I be putting on the kitchen cabinets, after a couple of not-good attempts. We’ve met neighbors (YAY!), and the boys have already played with the other boys in our cul-de-sac a couple of times…so cool.

On Saturday, Matt and some friends moved the boys’ old furniture down to my brother’s house, where Will will someday use it as his bedroom furniture (my dad built it for my brothers 25-odd years ago, so we were just borrowing until someone else needed them). This means that our boys just have mattresses on the floor until we get moved and get their new bunk beds put together. Oh, and their clothes are in Rubbermaid containers, so I’m going to do some serious shopping this week to locate new dressers, because I can’t live like that for long.

All of this time at the house has meant messed-up schedules for the boys, who are for the most part taking it in stride. Dinner might not happen until 7pm and it might be oatmeal, Jack Henry might miss naps and fall asleep on the way home, whatever. We’ll survive. It might not be pretty, but we’ll make it.

Thanks for hanging with me through this crazy time! Here are a few pictures of, well, mostly sleeping.

all four boys, hard at work, disassembling the beds.

two hammers will definitely make the work go faster.

the boys have their mattresses pushed together on the cute is that? two nights in, and we haven't had to separate them yet. though i'm not sure this will last.

doesn't he look comfortable?

this was sunday afternoon, after a long day at church and the new house. he didn't even wake up when i got him out of the van...

...or when i sat him down on the couch, thinking that would for sure wake him up!

7 responses to “New Normal

  1. Great pics! The last 3: this is one tuckered-out little boy!

    Such an exciting, neat time–mixed in w/ LOTS of hard work, juggling of schedules, stress, & nostalgia–a time you’ll never forget!

  2. Poor sweet boy.

    Sounds like some great work is going down. Looking forward to pictures.

    May you find peace in the chaos. 🙂

  3. How exciting! But I’ve always said that good stress is still stressful.

    Was it hard to let go of the boys’ beds? I get so sentimental over stuff like that.

    JH looks so big in your arms.

  4. i’m sooooo excited to see you guys and hear all about the new details and plans!!!

  5. I bet you feel like JH looks in that last picture!!

    Very exciting – can’t wait to see the finished project in a few weeks….

  6. JH looks so little in your arms but then such a big boy laying on the couch. Let us know if you need any help!!

  7. Your dad made that furniture? Impressive!

    Is there any better sight than sleeping children? I think not. And that JH looks completely zonked in all of those pictures!!!

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