Good Help Is (Not) Hard to Find

he likes to do the writing on the boxes.

"is that how you spelled it, mom?"

Sneak peak at new kitchen color (I realize this is a horrible picture and the house is a disaster, but it’s all I’ve got, people) and the knobs I searched high and low for…

9 responses to “Good Help Is (Not) Hard to Find

  1. I love that you’re using the awesome good help that you have available. 🙂

  2. The knobs are awesome!! Love the dining room table too. Looks like you are moving in just fine with all the help:)

  3. Hopefully that will be me soon! We are getting ready to lower the price, we have an open house this weekend and I just want to move on knowing that this house is sold. Wish us luck.

  4. I just love EVERYTHING about your HOUSE! And I see that new booster on the floor. You will LOVE it!

  5. SO CUTE!

    Hey there! I’m a new follower of your blog.

    I’m hosting a GUSSY Giveaway too over at my blog if you want to enter two places:


  6. Love the kitchen! What is the color? A yellowish or more greenish? It’s hard to tell on my computer. Love the knobs. . . how cool!

  7. LOVE the knobs!!! Worth the search!!

  8. I put those same knobs on my kitched cabinets! Too bad they don’t take your eyes off of the nasty white wash cabinets behind them though haha they look much better with your pretty kitchen.

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