The Unforgettable Easter Church Service

Since you weren’t sitting with us yesterday morning at church (except for a couple of my readers who also happen to be Matt’s family), I’ll try to paint a picture of what you would have seen. Because this is an Easter Sunday I don’t want to forget.

1. My children all arrived at church (after a big yummy breakfast with my side of the family) with either syrup or chocolate milk noticeably staining their khaki pants. Score.

2. We were seated in two rows, as the Diehl family is big now and 3 little boys + long church service = the need for room to move around a bit.

3. In the first row was Matt, me, Jeff, Heidi, Andrea, Eric and Calla, and at some point during the service, one or more of our boys scattered throughout the adults. Behind us were Matt’s parents, and at some point during the service, one or more of our boys.

4. They had communion at church yesterday, which happens very infrequently at this church (it’s once a month at our church). Luke can take communion because he’s accepted Jesus as his Savior…Bennett has not yet. This is key to what happens next.

5. Luke was seated behind us and took communion just fine. The pastor asked us to wait and we’d all eat/drink together, and stressed how important it was to be respectful of the elements, etc. Literally seconds after he said this, the plate passed in front of Bennett, who was seated between his aunts (out of Matt’s and my reach), and he just grabbed a piece of communion bread and ate it right off the plate! Matt and I were, of course, mortified. In defense of his aunts, there was no way they could have seen this coming…he was stealthy.

6. Minutes later, during a quiet prayer time, Jack Henry, who was sitting behind us, passed gas loudly and said, right away, “I did it!” Groan.

7. At this point, Matt and I were giggling pretty hard, and I said, “What else could go wrong?” His response? “One of them could pee their pants.”

8. So when Luke asked to go to the bathroom halfway through the service, you’d better believe I took him right away.

9. Later, Jack Henry burped loudly during another relatively quiet time.

10. Bennett started to lose it about halfway through a long sermon (frankly, I did, too) and at one point looked up at me from where he was sitting on the floor and asked, “Is this gonna take a thousand more hours?”

Can you see why I wanted to remember this? Also, note to self: don’t let the children have ice cream for breakfast dessert just because the restaurant offers it.

I have too much packing to do to work on pictures, but I have some great ones from this weekend, including Bennett and Will’s combo birthday party, baby Calla, and Easter. Soon, I hope…

13 responses to “The Unforgettable Easter Church Service

  1. we’ve had many similiar church experiences – that’s why we try to sit by other families w/ kids. that way, they may be having an even more “interesting” day and take the focus off us. happy easter.

  2. Oh my goodness, that made my morning! I can understand why you’d want to write that down. 🙂

  3. Wow, I’m so glad you weren’t at church with us. My kids would have not been able to keep composed after the passing of the

  4. When you’re the grandparent, not the parent, none of this is nearly as noticeable! It was, unfortunately, not as inspiring or “entertaining” (for lack of better word) an Easter service as we’ve often had in the past, so I wasn’t feeling much different than the boys were!

  5. Seriously, that bread went from bennett’s hand to his mouth in a millisecond!!! it was priceless!

  6. That is TOO FUNNY!! I seriously laughed out loud reading this post! Are’nt you glad they’re so cute, otherwise you might be tempted to do something somewhat harmful to them! At least You weren’t seated by them–pass them off as someone else’s children! 🙂

  7. So funny. I’m right there with you.

  8. Our Palm Sunday was almost as mortifying. Sigh.

  9. That is hilarious! I’m glad you wrote this down and shared. And just think, in 10 years, you might think about this Easter and be a little sad. At least now, things are never dull!

  10. That is just too funny!!! (Totally sounds like the trip I just had to Walmart with the boys, too!!!!) I know it is that much more embarassing when you are the parent………..But definately something for the rest of us to laugh at 🙂 and for you to look back at and laugh at.

  11. I might have had to leave church from laughing so hard. . . I might have caused a BIGGER scene cracking up. 😀

  12. I wish I had been there for the entertainment, oh I mean to worship with your family. I miss Easters at Jo’s. They were the best!!

  13. This is pretty hilarious. You all had to be stifling laughs. Anyone around you had to be entertained. I wondered what Bennett did when the grapejuice was passed.

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