In Which I Start Missing The Old House

Ahhh…we finally have an internet connection at the new house!  Closed on the old one today, so we are officially the owners of ONE house again.  That feels great.

A few weeks ago, shortly after we found our new house, I found myself out on the front porch of the old house in the middle of the night, holding a croupy Jack Henry, breathing in the cool air to help calm his breathing. And it hit me; I’m going to miss this place. I was a little surprised, because we’ve always viewed this as a temporary situation (6.5 years temporary), and there are things I definitely WON’T miss about the place, too.

No surprise, the things I’ll miss mainly aren’t about the actual structure, but rather, what’s happened in the years we spent in this house.

1. Date Night Revised was born here.

2. This is the place we really became a family. Sure, we were family when it was just me and Matt. And then Luke made us feel more like a family for sure. But having our whole family and having it feel complete…THAT happened here.

3. The picture tree! Evidenced here and here and many other places.

4. The way I knew it was raining without even looking out a window (or hearing a loud downpour) by standing in the kitchen. The metal on the roof over the kitchen hood makes a little noise when it’s raining that I’d come to love.

5. Ok, I know that this is going to sound weird, but here goes: I had the absolute best place to pluck my eyebrows in the old house. The lighting was PERFECT for seeing every little stray (not that I actually pluck them as often as I should). Where is this place, you ask? Jack Henry’s bedroom, of course. He had mirrored closet doors and the light from outside combined with the overhead light was incredible. Not sure how I discovered this, but I am so glad I did.

To balance the sappiness (the last one wasn’t sappy, I know), here’s a list of things I won’t miss:

1. The closet-sized master bathroom and the hideous green shower.

2. The fact that my washing machine was CONSTANTLY uneven. Yes, we know how to balance it, but when the floor under it is uneven, there’s little you can do (short of pouring concrete to even it out) to make it stay balanced. I don’t know how many times I was reduced to tears because I just didn’t have time to babysit for my washing machine. It’s been kicked on more occasions than I care to admit.  So, so happy that our old one leaked all over the basement floor the day before we moved, necessitating this purchase and its matching dryer. I’m happier than I should be about a new washer and dryer.

3. Downstairs laundry. Enough said.

4. The uneven paint job on the ceilings. Not our doing, but we never quite had the desire to fix it.

5. The neighbor’s pit bulls.

6. The kitchen counters. While lovely (and I really mean that; they are pretty), they are a pain to keep clean and you can’t roll anything out on them, because they’re tiles and there are grout lines every 12 inches.

Most of all, I think I’m going to miss the feeling of home.  Sure, our new house will at some point in the future feel like home, but for now, it’s just “the new house.”  Home is where there are memories, good and bad, and so far, this one has very few.  When I think about “home” I think of the place I went to when my work day was over, where I later became a stay-at-home-mom, where I twice took a pregnancy test and got the life-changing results.  Where my kids learned to walk and feed themselves.  Where they all had first birthday parties.  It was where we found out my mom had cancer, where we found out it would be terminal, and where I went to heal after her death.  Where friends and family gathered for cookouts and lunch and small group.

I’m so excited to see what this house has in store for our family.

11 responses to “In Which I Start Missing The Old House

  1. This is interesting to read this….because one of my really good friends at work is moving out of her old house tonight. I drove past it this morning and became sad myself…..she’s staying in Effingham…just moving to a different house. But these things hit you…and we talked about all of the same things that you mentioned in your post.

    I remember a year after I had moved out of our first house (a rental house) …I was driving down Keller Drive….and SWEAR it was on a flatbed going towards the interstate….I was like ummmmmmmmmmmmmm that was my house and totally remember crying out of nowhere! (It was a rental HOUSE that they ended up picking up the whole house and moving…..odd…..) Your new house will very soon become a new home with many traditions of it’s own.

  2. My heart goes out to you. So odd when we get attached to inanimate objects. I mean NOT odd but then again, they are objects. It is the things we did with/in those objects that make them special.

    I get that way when I trade in a car. Oy, so dumb, but I get a lump in my throat when I trade in a car. Of course, I drive cars for ages and after 13 or 15 years with one vehicle it becomes like family.

    You can always drive past the old house so you and the boys can see it again and talk about it and remember. 🙂 Our first house (this is only our 2nd) was razed 2 months after we moved out. I’ve driven past the vacant lot a couple of times with the girls to give them context for where it was (Jessica lived there for 2 years) but it isn’t the same.

  3. I am feeling for you! So many memories, both good & bad, in the old house. I’ll remember lots of great times from 816!!

    But as many memories that you’ve left there, there are way more that you’ll have in your new house! You’re right–for now, it’s just the cool, bigger, “new house”–but it won’t take long until it starts taking on the “personality” of the family and the day-to-day events & special occasions!

  4. I know exactly how you are feeling. Kirk and I felt it when we moved to Indy from STL. We also felt it, even more so, when we moved from our old house here to our new one because we then had kids and more memories there.

    You will make SO many more memories in the new house….I can’t wait to read/hear all about them! 🙂 You made me swallow hard when reading about your mom. Love you!

  5. My first reaction was “I’m never moving.” Because I too am that person that gets a little misty when trading in our old car. And the part about the pregnancy tests, ugh (swallowing lump in throat), that got me thinking about all of the other things that have happened SINCE those two happy tests. You are going to make so many memories in the “new house”. It will all be like “home” before you know it. Someone is bound to christen the walls with markers or crayons soon enough.

  6. awww….
    we’re having our realtor come out on thursday to look at our house and tell us what we can get. i go between wanting to move now wanting to wait another year. we love this house and area but just need more room.

  7. I hear ya! It’s like moving on from high school or college…. It’s very sappy. I hated our rental house while we were building this house, but it’s where Morgan was a toddler…. where she & Lucas became best buddies. It’s the memories…

    BTW- How did you break up the paint colors in the kitchen/family room?

  8. Great post, Nicole. With every day you’re closer and closer to having these feelings about the new house. And thanks to your blog – you’ll always vividly remember this major chapter in your lives – and the old house that brought you here.

  9. What a great post! I can relate to you on how you are feeling as I am already starting to think of the things I will miss in our current home if everything, god willing goes our way with the new house. It was this house that our family truly started, that our children crawled, walked, became little people. As my sister tells me, you may not have those rooms that they first walked in anymore, but you will ALWAYS have the memories! You will start new memories in the new house before you know it!

  10. Nicole, I almost cried and I’m not even the one with all of these memories! This is why I’ve always wanted to just buy one house… if we could… and raise our family in it from the beginning. And then we went and moved to VA, so it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen! Like you said though, just think of all the amazing memories you guys are going to make (and have already made) in this home. It is so exciting!

  11. I hate painting ceilings!

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