Stairs 2, Jack Henry 0

I wondered how long it would take for this to happen. As it turns out, not long.

First, Jack Henry got a bad rug burn on his belly from flopping down the stairs from the second story to the first. We had stairs to the basement at the old house, but somehow, it’s just not the same. It was so bad that it was hurting him at Sunday School this week and he told his teachers about it! It scabbed over and is looking much better.

Last night, though, was the REAL event I was waiting for: falling down the stairs. He was carrying his new Nemo ball up the steps (clearly not a good idea, but I didn’t know this was going on) and was about 2 or 3 steps from the top (per Bennett, who witnessed it) when he lost his balance and tumbled down. I wish I would have gone running when I heard what I thought was a ball bouncing down the steps because I might have been able to catch Jack Henry; he came a few seconds later.

Luckily, he was fine. Pupils were equal and reactive (I’m so happy that all of the hours I invested in watching “ER” over the years has paid off) and he calmed down pretty quickly. There were no noticeable cuts or bruises, and he was talking normally, so I wasn’t too worried.

But it did scare the daylights out of him and me, and I hope the other boys, too.

11 responses to “Stairs 2, Jack Henry 0

  1. Oh, so glad JH is okay!
    I hate stairs. I mean, I love them, I love two stories and I love that it “teaches” my kids to be more careful, but I hate them. They still make me a little nervous. We’ve always had stairs and I’ve always helped my kids to learn to maneuver them at an early age, but I’ve always been prepared for an ugly tumble. I think it’s inevitable with kids, right? Surprisingly the only kid tumble we’ve had in seven years with kids was Sawyer (of course) just last year. I thought it was pretty good for him to make it three years without a mishap! And just like JH, he was fine.
    One of the biggest rules in our house (and the one you’ll find me hollering about the most often) is no playing on or anywhere near the top of the stairs. If I even hear giggling near the stairs I’m on them. “You MUST be safe on the stairs!” No dress up shoes (although I’m sure you don’t have that problem at your house!), no big toys, you ask for help carrying certain things up and down, etc. I’m kind of anal about it.

    Not surprisingly, I’m the one who had the ugly fall down the stairs a couple of months ago. Yeah, I’m still feeling that one! I guess a two or three year old body goes better down the stairs than a thirty four year old one!!

  2. Stairs were my biggest fear when we bought this house. Fortunately the stairs here are the kind with a landing in the middle and a 90-degree bend. I always figured they’d only have half the distance to fall.

    I’m so glad Jack came out of it relatively unscathed. He’ll remember that one for a while.

  3. I feel the same way about stairs. So scary and I am like you. I would be the one to fall down the stairs first and actually be the one to get hurt! LOL! Glad you found my blog. Yours is great. I would follow but I don’t see where to?

  4. Awwww . . . poor little guy . . . & mommy. I’m sure this reinforced your talks about “stairs safety” from the old house! But, as you know, w/ little kids, stuff’s just gonna happen.

  5. oh no!!! i was scared just reading this!!! poor guy–broke my heart when you wrote that he was telling his teachers 😦

  6. Oh no! I am glad to hear that Dr. Mommy was close to give hugs! Those little bodies bend and bounce, not like ours!! I’d be in a full body cast! So glad JH is ok!!

  7. poor JH is having a rough go so far in the new house!

  8. I think they all need to do it once to show them that you’re serious when you say BE FREAKIN’ CAREFUL! All of my kids have fallen down the stairs at least once. And we’ve only gone to the ER once so I consider that fairly successful. Glad JH is okay. 🙂

  9. Everything I know about providing medical attention to my children I learned from Grey’s Anatomy.

  10. Bless his heart. We’ve had a few of stair falls here too. Its inevitable.

  11. Okay, I’m not getting enough texts with these updates! (car tire snaffu, now this!) If it’s any consolation, I backed into our garbage can this week (no damage) and cole somersaulted down 4 steps. EVEN!

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