Craving Normalcy

We’re getting there, slowly but surely. By this weekend, the big boys should have their bunk beds completely put together, and if all goes well, I’ll have picked out new dressers for them and by next week, their clothes will not be in Rubbermaid containers anymore. While more boxes remain than I wish were there, lots of progress has been made. Lots. Hayley came over last night and helped me put the playroom together, which is a huge load off my back.

But I’m so anxious for our pre-“we’re moving” lifestyle to return. The one where I plan meals and make dinner. Where we take walks and play games with the kids.

While we’ve already started eating at our new table, of course, but this picture from moving day breakfast cracks me up.

bennett kept asking me to take more pictures while he posed in various strange ways.

nothing says "breakfast of champions" quite like mcdonald's pancakes. eaten on an end table in your kitchen.

Just so you know what Hayley and I were dealing with in regards to organizing the playroom, here’s the before:

Aaaand, it appears you’ll have to come back next week for the afters. Haven’t taken them yet, and the playroom currently has toys all over the floor. Sadly, that light fixture isn’t going anywhere for a while.

Here’s hoping it rains all weekend long (I’ve never said that before, but it would sure help the allergies around here if it did).

6 responses to “Craving Normalcy

  1. LOVE the “Last Breakfast” shots!

    Had to laugh, after scrolling down from the “before” of the playroom to . . . another “before”! Glad Hayley helped you out, and we definitely want to see an “after.”

    Here’s hoping for lots of rain for you.

  2. Bennett just cracks me up. Every. Time. πŸ™‚

    Neat that you documented that last breakfast. Those one-time things that happen during chaos are fun to reflect on later. πŸ™‚

  3. wish i lived closer – i would come and help out too.

  4. Oh how I wish I could have done that re-org with you! I LOVE that kinda stuff!

  5. It looked great when we got done!
    I love the pictures of the breakfast on the end table!

  6. I know its awful now, but its sooo worth it!! Call me if you need help with anything. SERIOUSLY!!

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