It’s Never Too Late to: Recap Easter

So, it was a couple of weeks ago. Who cares if I’m totally late with these pictures?

Easter weekend was a busy one for us! We went to Effingham for the first time since Christmas (we’ve NEVER been away that long before!) and celebrated Bennett’s 5th and Will’s 1st birthdays in addition to Easter. What’s that? You didn’t know it was Bennett’s birthday a couple of weeks ago? Oh, that’s right, I haven’t documented that. Coming soon to a blog near you, I promise. I saved some of my favorite pictures for that post.

In the meantime, enjoy the photo montage of our weekend!

5 responses to “It’s Never Too Late to: Recap Easter

  1. I loved seeing these–I think the prize goes to JH winking! 😉

    I can’t believe that of the trizillion pics I took, I didn’t get any decent ones of Calla close-up in her dress.

  2. LOVE Jack Henry winking. That is HILARIOUS!!

    Looks like a fun filled, busy weekend!

  3. Thanks for sharing pictures!

    I can’t believe how much Calla has grown! She looks so little in her Easter dress (absolutely adorable!), but that picture with the boys on the floor with her really gives perspective!!

    JH’s “wink.” I could have died when I read the caption and realized that is what he was doing… so cute!!

  4. happy (late) bday bennett!

  5. oh my heavens, Calla is a doll!!!

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