Odds and Ends

*I’m still fundraising for the Heart Walk…if you’d like to help, our team would certainly appreciate donations of any size! Visit my page and make a tax-deductible donation. Thanks to those of you who have already donated!

*This Stuff Christians Like post totally cracked me up today. I needed a laugh.

*I had to have my car towed yesterday. Second time in a week. Has to be a record. Something bad happened involving a blinking check engine light, some hesitation upon accelerating, and a burning smell. My vast knowledge of cars has led me to the following diagnosis: it’s probably going to be expensive. Many, many thanks to my great friends, Mara and Kelli, who bailed me out yesterday giving me rides and letting me borrow their ride. I am currently driving a small loaner Mercedes SUV that scarcely fits our carseats in the back (favorite Bennett quote of the day: “You know I do not like tight spaces,” upon realizing how sardine-like they would be). Long story about why we’re driving that loaner (and before you get too excited about it, it’s got 110,000 miles on it and drives like a huge pickup truck) and not the Hyundai Accent that the shop owner tried to convince me would fit my 3 carseats, but suffice to say, sexism is alive and well, folks. HOWEVER, totally thankful for something to get the kids back and forth to school in, and hopefully we’ll be back in business by tonight with our van. I will probably hug it when I see it again.

*Later this week I’m buying paint for all of the rooms we’re still planning to paint. It was fun to make decisions about that last night! I love paint color names: Resolute Blue, Overt Green, Lemon Verbena, Latte, Invigorate. Sherwin Williams is having a sale this week, so I decided to just get everything we need.

*I ordered some gowns online and I am anxiously awaiting their arrival. One of these HAS to work for our trip. Since I couldn’t justify this purchase. Isn’t it lovely, though?

*OK…off to bake blueberry muffins with the boys. Jack Henry was sorely disappointed last night when I asked the boys if they wanted English Muffins with their bacon-and-eggs dinner, and all replied yes, and then he came to the table and said, “Where my muffin?”, obviously not knowing what an English Muffin is.

7 responses to “Odds and Ends

  1. towed again? that stinks. hope it doesn’t end up being too expensive.

  2. Sorry to hear about your vehicle’s bad luck. Hope you week turns around. I too am uber-excited for the Glee Madonna episode. I just downloaded the music from ITunes.

  3. What cute, cute boys….I have not had enough blog time lately…So glad that I stopped by..Be sure and stop by main blog and read about a miracle.

  4. I would be as disappointed at Jack Henry to find English Muffins when expecting Blueberry…..

    Too bad about the car troubles – Bennett’s quote is hilarious!

  5. so bummed to hear about the van! i hate that car trouble is part of life. 😦 can’t wait to see what gown you choose…the bcbg one is beautiful, but you are right a HUGE splurge. just remember you will have fun even if you are wearing a burlap sack.

  6. We had to be towed yesterday too!! Thankfully it was Toms car, but that leaves him driving my van to work, and me riding my bike!! Seriously. In scrubs. It’s a look, believe me. Ahhh, fun with vehicles!

  7. Really hideous luck w/ the van right when you already feel like you’re spending every penny you’ll ever earn. But Bennett’s crack–so perfect!!

    And JH’s muffin comment–what a low blow!

    That bcbg gown is amazing . . . the price is really unfortunate. I can’t wait to see what you find!!

    I’ve missed a bunch of SCL blogs lately. I went to this one & read it–loved it–and now am going to sit & read the comments.

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